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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Vue.js for App Development

What is Vue.js?

As we know, Vue.js is a JavaScript framework used to build user interfaces. It has a global quality API built on industry standards like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The framework is a compiler-oriented rendering solution. It hardly needs manual interactions to build a Vue app. It is becoming popular due to its features like simplicity, flexibility, and responsiveness. 

The framework is adaptable. It gives an environment that is gradually adaptable. It ranges between the library and the fully functional framework. Some Vue app examples are Netflix, GitLab, Grammarly, and Chess.com.

Moreover, As per the GitHub survey data, Vue is the 2nd preferred framework, with a satisfaction rate of 73.6%. That is interesting, isn’t it?

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When To Select Vue.js?

The Vue.js framework is a defining component-based programming language that helps create simple and complex user interfaces. It can create CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.

We need to use Vue.js, in below some cases:

  1. To Create a Prototype for Beginner-Level Specialists – It is a very easy task to make a simple work into a prototype with Vue. It is easy to create components using Vue by applying HTML and CSS templates. Engineers can arrange or alter Vue.js user interfaces. The developer’s forum is available to help each other
  2. For Application Integration – Vue framework is outstanding for integration.
  3. To Publish an MVP – For fast publishing of an MVP, Vue.js is useful. Its components help make the rapid launching of MVP.
  4. For Interactions and Animations – Animations are highly engaging and attractive elements. It is one of the vital components in today’s applications. The Vue.js framework provides an API that easily switches between flexible and view architecture. Also, there are many methods available to create animations with built-in modules focussed on CSS.
When To Select Vue.js? - Internet Soft

Reasons to select Vue.js 


This is the. Vue.js offers smooth integration with Javascript projects. Vue.js developers can write and develop templates in HTML and JavaScript. Templates are compatible with all browsers. Many companies hire Vue.js developers due to this reason. Vue.js has a stack of web-pack templates as well. This reduces the coding efforts for every section of web app development. Due to flexibility, we can develop single-page or critical applications with Vue.js.


The syntax of Vue.js is a combination of React and Angular. It is very simple. So coding becomes simple. Also, the structure is very easy to understand for developers. One can create simple and complex templates easily. Tracking and tracing errors is easy. Debugging or fixing errors is easy.

Advanced CLI

This is designed for the sake of convenience for the developers. They can focus more on coding rather than other technical issues. Rapid prototyping, all types of testing support, and easy-to-use GUI are some of the features of Advanced CLI. It also supports the latest advanced features like Transcript transpilation, tree-shaking, PotCSS, hot module replacement, etc.

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Two-way Data Communication

This feature confirms that whenever a change is created to the User Interface, it is given and updated in the data. Whenever a change happens in the data, it gets updated and seen in the User Interface. The MVVM architecture is the reason for performing the two-way data binding in Vue.js. This is why selecting Vue.js over other frameworks proves to be a viable option. The two-way data binding procedure makes it easy to handle and manage HTML 

Community Support

Vue.js framework has become a popular tool in the developer’s world globally. Events, conferences, e-papers, guides, e-learning courses, etc. are a part of Vue.js community support. The community helps newbies to learn their framework blocks.


As Vue.js is based on Javascript and HTML, developers who have moderate or beginner-level knowledge of these programming languages can simply learn to use them. Vue.js assures that the developers may get a complete overview of the framework. They can learn any functionality and shortcuts by just searching across the complete documentation of the  Vue.js framework. Vue.js offers detailed documentation with a simple learning curve that supports Vue.js developers widely.

Small Size and high-speed

A developer knows how important installing a framework is and the time spent on it. Vue.js is of a comparatively smaller size (18-21KB). It catches the attention of developers working in both small-scale and large-scale organizations. Vue.js is offering a smaller-size framework. It also ensures that it performs faster functions. React.js, Angular.js, and Ember.js lag in speed as compared to Vue.js. 

A mix of React and Angular

Vue.js framework is a combination of features from React.js and Angular.js. So it is becoming more and more popular day by day. The maker has made sure that Vue.js removes the drawbacks that were present in Angular.js and React.js.

Virtual DOM

The document object model used by Vue.js is virtual. It means that whenever a change is made in the data structures of JavaScript, it is compared with the original and old data structures. Only the final changes are feasible to watch for the users in the real DOM. This is one of the main features of Vue.js. 

This process of using a virtual DOM cuts down the development cost removing the need to call the entire DOM API and doing changes only in the JS object. Additionally, the virtual DOM permits the creation of convertible virtual nodes into real DOM nodes. This is called the “ Reconciliation” process, where the virtual node compares the current and former states and applies changes in the DOM accordingly.

CSS Transitions and Reusability

Vue.js is available with many methods for adding transition effects in HTML elements through CSS transitions. To make a more impressive user interface, animation libraries in Vue.js are useful.

Another important aspect of using Vue js development services is the reusability features of Vue components. The components are reusable, extended, and browser-friendly.

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From the above discussions, we can refer to the fantastic features of the Vue.js framework and its utilities for other languages. Vue.js framework has versatile applications and uses. Companies like Google, Apple, Nintendo, Trivago, Zoom, Upwork, and BMW have used and benefited from Vue.js. 

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