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Design and Development of MyUkPost: A Comprehensive Mail Forwarding Solution

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This technical case study explores how Internet Soft, a San Francisco-based IT consulting company, designed and developed MyUkPost, a robust mail forwarding solution for myUKpost, the premier UK online post office. The goal was to provide individuals, expats, small businesses, and large corporations with a secure and efficient mail scanning and forwarding service, along with additional features such as document scanning, company formation, and eBay/Amazon forwarding.

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Client Background

myUKpost is a leading UK-based mail scanning and forwarding service provider, catering to a diverse customer base worldwide. They sought to offer customers the advantage of a genuine UK postal address, enabling them to receive mail and parcels from various carriers, including Royal Mail, UPS, DHL, FedEx, and more. Additionally, myUKpost aimed to provide services such as post redirection, registered mail handling, document scanning and archiving, eBay/Amazon forwarding, and company formation.

Challenges and Objectives

Internet Soft faced several challenges and objectives while designing and developing MyUkPost:

Seamless Mail Forwarding

Implement a reliable system to receive, scan, and forward mail and parcels to clients' desired locations, ensuring privacy and security.

Robust Document Scanning

Develop a feature-rich document scanning and archiving system to digitize clients' mail and important documents, providing easy access and storage.

Company Formation Services

Incorporate functionality to assist clients in forming UK Ltd companies and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) quickly and efficiently.

eBay and Amazon Forwarding

Enable users to conveniently receive and forward packages from popular online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, enhancing their online shopping experience.


Internet Soft designed and developed MyUkPost using a combination of technologies and strategies to meet the client’s requirements:

User-Friendly Web Interface

The team created an intuitive and user-friendly web interface, allowing clients ] to manage their mail, parcels, and account settings easily.

Mail Processing System

A robust system was implemented to handle incoming mail and parcels efficiently. It included secure storage, scanning, and forwarding processes, adhering to strict privacy and security protocols.

Document Scanning and Archiving

Internet Soft developed a comprehensive document scanning module to digitize and archive clients' mail and important documents. The system allowed for easy retrieval and storage, ensuring data integrity and confidentiality.

Company Formation Integration

MyUkPost seamlessly integrated company formation services into the platform, enabling clients to establish UK Ltd companies and LLPs quickly. The system facilitated the submission of necessary documentation and streamlined the formation process.

eBay and Amazon Integration

Integration with eBay and Amazon APIs enabled MyUkPost to receive and forward packages from these popular online marketplaces. This integration ensured a seamless experience for users engaging in online shopping.

Results and Benefits

The collaboration between myUKpost and Internet Soft resulted in the successful launch of MyUkPost, delivering numerous benefits to its users:

Convenient Mail Management

Clients gained access to a secure online platform where they could manage their mail, parcels, and account settings effortlessly.

Efficient Company Formation

Clients looking to form UK Ltd companies and LLPs experienced a streamlined process, saving time and effort.

Enhanced Document Organization

The document scanning and archiving feature allowed users to easily store, retrieve, and manage important documents digitally, reducing clutter and enhancing organization.

Seamless eBay and Amazon Forwarding:

Users benefited from a hassle-free service for receiving and forwarding packages from popular online marketplaces, enhancing their online shopping experience.

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Internet Soft’s collaboration with myUKpost resulted in the successful design and development of MyUkPost, a comprehensive mail forwarding solution. The platform offered a range of services, including mail scanning, forwarding, document scanning and archiving, company formation, and eBay/Amazon forwarding. The solution provided myUKpost’s customers with a convenient and secure way to manage their mail and parcels, facilitating efficient communication and business operations.


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