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An Ultimate Guide to Digital Transformation in Healthcare

In the times of the COVID-19 pandemic, digital transformation was introduced and played a major role in many industries. But in the health industry, especially, it was a big move. Many lives were at stake during the pandemic, so health care systems and support systems. Healthcare software does have a certain future forever.

So, the necessity of a remote healthcare system became vital. Almost $21 billion has been invested so far in the industry to digitize healthcare, as reports say. During that phase, AI screening, eHealth to mHealth, Health Apps, etc. were examples of some digital transformation in the health industry. Today, the global digital healthcare market is expected to reach $657 billion by 2025. 

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Digital Transformation in the Healthcare Industry

Digital transformation in the healthcare industry is leveraging the latest technologies, processes, and methodologies to deliver the highest value to patients, healthcare professionals, and organizations.

It offers swiftness to improve the operational efficiency of healthcare organizations and boosts the overall experiences for the patients. Digital transformation in healthcare uses technologies like Big Data, IoT, Web 3.0, PaaS/SaaS, and Unified Communications. The end processes are fast, efficient, and mobile enough to serve promptly.

Benefits to Patients Via Digital Transformation in the Healthcare Industry 

Digital transformation in healthcare has direct remarkable benefits for patients. These include-

  • Quick and Personalized Service

Digitized healthcare boosts quick access to doctors and healthcare services. You can book and attain a personalized session with your doctor with a click and get an accurate health diagnosis.

  • Comfortable Appointment Scheduling

You can book appointments with your doctor at the most convenient time with a date in just a few clicks.

  • Enriched Communication With Doctors

With new digitized healthcare channels, you can use chatting, video calling, and emails to receive consultations, treatment strategies, and drug prescriptions.

  • Real-Time Trackings of Health Metrics

You can keep track of important health metrics such as heart rate, body temperature, blood volume pulse, and sleep patterns in real-time to check and observe your health status.

  • Easy Access to Healthcare Data

You can easily access and manage your health records, as all your healthcare data is centralized. Sharing this data is also feasible across a range of devices and platforms.

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Benefits of Digital Transformation in the Healthcare Industry for Staff and Organisations

The digitalization of healthcare offers immense benefits to healthcare professionals and organizations. Some of these are-

  • Streamlined Workflows

Healthcare software replaces paperwork with digital records. This declines manual labor, simplifies processes, and enhances deliverability.

  • Better Business Continuity

Digitized healthcare portals give doctors comfort in using remote care facilities and for patients to get online on-demand support. This gives long-term patient continuity with the doctor.

  • Centralized and Secure Database

With digitalization, you can generate a secure database by encrypting patients’ data. This data can be classified and stored on a centralized platform with role-based access (user privileges/user rights) to concerned people.

  • Cost Reduction and High ROI

Digitalization helps you automate redundant tasks. This cuts down operational costs, thus, giving in more cost-effective services with higher ROI.

  • Medical Research and Development

Patient data is useful in medical research. By collecting and analyzing data from various sources, healthcare organizations can explore hidden disorders and their medical solutions. 

Major Challenges in Digital Transformation in Healthcare Industry and Their Solutions

Digital transformation in healthcare is a big and complicated process. It covers from infrastructure to application, integration, and provisioning of services.

Here we will study the major challenges the healthcare industry faces during the process along with their solutions.

Challenge 1: Data Security

Data security is the basic concern with healthcare software development and healthcare software development services providers. A malware attack can crack a patient’s private data and cause damage. This will obstruct patient care and will cause reputation loss to the healthcare organization.

Solution: Utilize Blockchain

As a decentralized network of computers, blockchain technology is a highly effective tool to prevent data breaches(attacks). Patients can have control of their EHR (electronic health record) from an app and allow doctors and other health professionals to access that data whenever it is required.

Challenge 2: Initial Costs

Digital transformation in the healthcare industry attracts high investments in technology. With healthcare organizations focused mainly on costs and returns, the plan for digitization is the second type of priority.

Solution: Implement Agile Methodology

Agile is a recurrent approach that helps you deliver quick and cost-effective results. By implementing agile methodologies, you will be able to implement new changes in the most economical way possible.

Challenge 3: Skill Gap

For the Digitization of healthcare, both sides, Doctors, medical staff, and Patients must know and use the tools and technologies. Otherwise, that will not be the right way to help patients online or remotely. 

Solution: Educate Stakeholders

You can arrange training programs to educate them about the new technological solutions, and systems. Give them the time to learn technologies, and how to use these new technologies. 

Challenge 4: Healthcare Regulations Compliance

To digitize your healthcare services, We need to digitize patients’ medical records and personal information regularly. This compliance needs to follow.

Solution: Build Compliant Software

To follow this regulation, we need to collaborate with some healthcare software development companies to develop and implement the compliant software and use it. Staff need to have training in this kind of software.

Some Upcoming Digital Trends in Healthcare 

  • Big data in healthcare

It encourages healthcare to manage and analyze data more effectively than in the past. In addition, it can also be useful to cure preventable illnesses, cut down treatment costs, as well as forecast epidemics.

  • Remote workforce utilization

It Boosts hiring more talents irrespective of the distance, as telemedicine via online consultation is possible.

  • Healthcare unit collaborations

Helpful in sharing vital user statistics, reports, and similar case records or critical health records with experience sharing(or to use as reference) in less time.

  • Unified data exchange platforms

Important to interact with multiple healthcare organizations, like laboratories, hospitals, and insurance providers.

  • Healthcare chatbots

It helps patients get critical data information in real-time, appointment scheduling, important updates, feedback about some important treatments, answers to common questions asked, etc.

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The Future of Healthcare is Digital

It is the need of the hour. It has many benefits as mentioned above for both – Patients Doctors and medical staff. Digital transformation in healthcare is unavoidable in the future. It is going to change the healthcare industry and its operational processes drastically. The technological impact in healthcare will be rising and noticeable and common, as future trends are becoming reality.

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