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Internet Soft, as a leading US-based software company, specializes in delivering tailored solutions in SharePoint and Office 365, empowering businesses to optimize collaboration, streamline workflows, and enhance productivity. Our expert team leverages the full potential of SharePoint, creating customized intranet portals, document management systems, and collaboration platforms that seamlessly integrate with Office 365.


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SharePoint and Office 365 Services from Internet Soft

We offer comprehensive services, including consultation, development, migration, and ongoing support, ensuring a smooth transition and maximum utilization of these powerful Microsoft platforms. Whether it’s configuring SharePoint sites for specific business needs, implementing Office 365 tools for efficient communication, or providing training to maximize user adoption, we excel in delivering solutions that align with organizational goals.
With a commitment to quality and innovation, we transform the way businesses operate, fostering a collaborative environment that drives growth and efficiency.
Partner with us to get the benefit of the full capabilities of SharePoint and Office 365 for your business success.
For four consecutive years, Microsoft has held the prestigious title of Gartner Leader in Content Services Platforms. Utilizing their widely acclaimed collaboration tools, we craft robust, cost-efficient solutions tailored for document management, knowledge sharing, and effortless internal and external collaboration, catering to various industries and businesses of all scales.

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Economical SharePoint Online/Office 365 Implementation

Steer clear of unnecessary expenses by entrusting ScienceSoft with your implementation needs. Our specialists adeptly optimize costs by harnessing the platforms' inherent capabilities, ensuring a cost-effective setup.

Effortless SharePoint Online/Office 365 Migration

Connect with our experts for a swift and seamless migration from your SharePoint On-premises or third-party solution to SharePoint Online/Office 365. Experience a smooth transition to the cloud, unlocking its myriad advantages.

Case Studies

Explore how Internet Soft as a software development company has shaped businesses by offering
innovative and technology driven software solutions. 

React, NodeJS

Retail Innovation Transforms -BRGHTLY

Internet Soft’s innovative retail technology solution, incorporating IoT, AI, and ML capabilities, has successfully revolutionized the smart-locker space. By leveraging these technologies, the solution offers retailers and customers a secure, efficient, and personalized pickup and drop-off experience. The comprehensive software and hardware components, seamless integration, and focus on user experience have positioned Internet Soft as a leader in the retail technology market, driving industry- wide changes and transforming the way packages are delivered and received, while optimizing operations through data-driven insights.


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Our consultants at Internet Soft will analyze your business needs and provide you with accurate calculation of SharePoint/Office 365 implementation costs and ROI.
Internet Soft helps you in creating and maintaining SharePoint office365 based intranet/extranet portals wherein you can share files, data, news, and resources securely with the authorized stakeholders. With customized sites and branding, your team can access SharePoint portals across PCs, Macs, and mobile devices. We at Internet Soft also provide services of SharePoint integrated native mobile app development to our clients.
  • Learning materials
  • creation and storage.
  • Assigning and scheduling trainings.
  • Learning assessment.
  • Certification management.
  • Competency management.
  • Gamification features (badges, points, leaderboards).

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