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Let us explore Internet Soft’s AI-based communication coaching app, which comprises detailing functionalities that rely on artificial intelligence to develop or enhance users’ communication skills. This AI-based app may cater to a wide range of users. It can serve professionals looking to improve their public speaking skills to the individuals seeking to enhance their day-to-day communication skills.
Below is a detailed feature list solution document tailored for such an app.

Key Features

Personalized Learning Path

AI-Driven Skill Assessment: Users start their App journey with an AI-powered assessment that confirms their present communication skills via interactive tasks and questionnaires.
Custom Learning Journeys: Based on the assessment, the app develops personalized learning paths entrusting the user’s specific needs, like public speaking, assertiveness, or empathy in communication.

Real-Time Speech Analysis

Speech Recognition & Analysis: This App feature uses advanced speech recognition to analyze speaking patterns, along with pace, word choice, and clarity.
Instant(timely) Feedback: This feature offers real-time feedback on speech delivery, highlighting areas for communication improvement such as filler word usage, volume consistency, and emotional tone.

Dynamic and Interactive Content with Exercises

Scenario-Based Simulations: Offers interactive case studies for practicing various communication settings, with presentations, negotiations, and casual conversations.
Voice and Video Challenges: Users can find suitable voice and video-based assignments to practice speech delivery and get AI-generated feedback.

Progress Tracking and Insights

Skill Progress Dashboard: Features a dashboard that tracks learning progress over time, displaying improvements in key communication areas.
Insightful Analytics: AI algorithms analyze performance data to provide insights and tips, helping users understand their strengths and areas for growth.

Social Learning Features

Peer Review System: This feature enables users to give and receive feedback from a learner community, creating a supportive learning environment.
Discussion Forums: This Integrates forums where users can discuss assignments, share experiences, and give support.

Expert-Led Learning Modules

Masterclasses: Includes a set of masterclasses and webinars delivered by communication experts and industry leaders, giving advanced insights and strategies.
Expert Feedback: Users have the option to submit exercises for the expected review by professional coaches. They receive personalized advice and feedback.

Integration and Accessibility

Cross-Platform Accessibility: The User can enjoy this app with a seamless experience across devices (iOS, Android, Web) with cloud-based progress syncing.
Language Support: This feature gives multi-language support to cater to a global audience, with real-time translation features for intense learning.

Motivation and Gamification

Achievements and Badges: To inspire users with their learning journey, a gamification system is available to allot or give achievements felicitations, and badges.
Personalized Goals and Reminders: With this feature, Users can define their personalised learning goals and get AI-driven nudges and reminders to retain them engaged and on the right path.

Security and Privacy

Data Encryption: This feature assures user data, including voice data and video recordings, all are encrypted and stored securely.
Privacy Controls: This feature gives users control of personal data, having options of erasing or exporting their information at any time.

Educational and Corporate Partnerships

Educational Collaborations: Partners with educational institutions to include the app in curriculums, supporting students in developing required communication skills.
Enterprise Solutions: Offers custom solutions for organizations looking to improve communication skills among their employees, with analytics and reporting tools.
This document elaborates the entire feature set for an AI-based communication coaching app, crafted to provide a personalized, interactive, and highly engaging learning experience for users who want to enhance their communication skills.


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