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What is Ruby on Rails? A Perfect Introduction to Ruby on Rails

What is Ruby on Rails?

For Ruby on Rails, we will know first what is Ruby? Ruby is a general, open-source programming language for building web apps, automation, data processing, and many other uses. Its higher portability and flexibility allow it to run on any operating system. 

Ruby is in the top 5 position as a highly used programming language in today’s era of digital transformation. Yukihiro ’Matz’ Matsumoto created Ruby in the mid-90s. Similar to C or Java, Ruby is also a general-purpose language, popular for its multiple benefits in web programming and or software development.

‘Ruby is worthless without its tool, called Rails.’ Now, let us get familiar with What is Rails. Rails is a software library that helps in expanding the Ruby language. It was called Ruby on Rails (RoR) by its creator, often called Rails. Technically, it is also defined as a package library called Ruby Gem. 

The installation of it runs in line with the operating system command interface. Ruby on Rails is an open-source, effective web development framework. It offers Ruby developers a time-saving option for coding. It is a set of code libraries that offers ready, usable code solutions for recurring tasks like creating tables, menus, or forms on the website.

It Integrates JavaScript, CSS, and HTML with Ruby programming language for web app development for implementing them on a web server. As Ruby on Rails operates on the web server, Ruby on Rails is also known as the server-side or backend web application development framework. Ruby on Rails framework is among the most popular backend frameworks.

David Heinemeier Hansson developed Ruby on Rails in 2004. A project management tool to make it easy for other software developers to do web app development with Ruby. Rails’ first public release was in July 2004.

Ruby on Rails’ web development popularity is easily visible because of its rising developer adoption rate. It has achieved around 52,000 GitHub stars. It is the most extraordinary evidence of Ruby on Rails’ popularity. The dynamic kind of repository with the highest number of stars is the best sign of the popularity and suitability of the Ruby on Rails framework.

Some successful Ruby on Rails examples include GitHub, SoundCloud, Shopify, Airbnb, Fab, Hulu, Etsy, SlideShare, CrunchBase (Wikipedia for startups), and many others.

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Architecture of Ruby On Rails

Ruby on Rails architecture is just utilizing the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern. It is a popular architectural pattern in the development world used by several web frameworks. The MVC architectural pattern insulates a web app’s program or codes into 3 coordinated components, these are:

  1. Model – It supports the entire data structure of the application.
  2. View – The View demonstrates the visual element of the web application as web page templates.
  3. Controller – It supports the data connection to the View and consists of the web application’s business logic.

This pattern makes Ruby on Rails architecture vital and adaptable for several types of web applications. Ruby on Rails programming is used for developing different kinds of web apps. Some other web apps which stretch frontend and backend development are also uses Ruby on Rails architecture.

The Model and Controller are said to be the backend component of the application. The View handles the frontend part of the app. It creates the web pages visitors see in the browser, comprising of JavaScript and HTML. You can also leverage Ruby on Rails development to produce APIs or web services that return JSON for other app utilization.

Key Features of Ruby On Rails-

  1. Action Controllers 

The classes control and maintain the View and Model data flow. Their basic responsibility is to receive requests from the clients, process them, and send back a response. Action Controllers are also responsible for processing the application’s logic, like authentication and authorization.

  1. Action Views 

This is one of the powerful Ruby on Rails features. Its basic responsibility is to yield (depict) the views of the web application. They are also used to display the information from the Model to the client. Moreover, you can write them in several programming languages, including Ruby, JavaScript, and HTML documents.

  1. Action Dispatch 

Action Dispatch is a vital Ruby on Rails feature responsible for routing requests to the ideal Action Controller. Action Dispatch uses a routing table to guide URLs to Controllers and Actions. This enables developers to map URLs to their app’s suitable Controllers and Actions smoothly.

  1. Scaffolding 

This Ruby on Rails feature enables developers to rapidly produce boilerplate code for their apps. Developers apply scaffolding to create the basic structure of a Ruby on Rails application, comprising Models, Views, Controllers, and database transfer. Developer’s time saving happens due to no need to write and create boilerplate coding. To make life easier, backend developers can be hired.

  1. Active Record 

This is an Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) library. They boost developers for better database interaction utilizing Ruby classes instead of writing raw SQL. This makes it easy for developers to work with database operations and permits them to focus on the business logic of their web apps instead of getting pressured about database interaction.

Applications of Ruby on Rails – 

Applications of Ruby on Rails - Internet Soft

Let us discuss what Ruby on Rails used for? here.

  • FinTech Development Ruby on Rails development helps you in removing several coding complexities in terms of payment services, insurance, transactions, and overall banking services.
  • Social Networking Sites Several web applications and social networking sites use the Ruby on Rails framework. Many Social media sites and web apps are possible to develop with the Ruby on Rails framework.
  • Ecommerce App Development – Regarding Ecommerce website development, Ruby on Rails is the first option for each developer. Due to the unmatched features of the RoR framework, it has become the best choice for building reliable, efficient, and scalable eCommerce application development

The reasons for selecting Ruby On Rails by many developers are as follows:

  • Secure and Rapid – The Ruby on Rails framework supports making your web app rapid and secure by providing in-built support for usual web development operations, following the MVC architectural pattern.
  • Faster Web Application – Ruby on Rails (RoR) is a full-stack framework with many built-in features and functionalities. RoR provides good developer experiences, like consuming a templating engine, permitting developers to release web apps rapidly, and many more allied tasks.
  • Cost-Efficient – Ruby on Rails development allows you to rapidly develop web applications with less code, and saves money and resources. 
  • Easy and Low Maintenance – Rails follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern, which makes it simple to function, and manage code. This also helps in preventing data migration problems. Other frameworks have this issue.
  • Utilize Metaprogramming – Ruby on Rails framework utilizes metaprogramming strategies, boosting you to write programs with less code and more flexibility. 
  • Seamless Updating – Ruby on Rails web development makes it seamless and effort-free to update(or modify) your application with the updated features and functionalities by providing a concise and consistent code structure.

End Summary

From the above discussions, we can say that using the Ruby on Rails framework for web development as well as software development is becoming a very popular trend today. Ruby on Rails is among top 5 programming languages and a highly usable framework by the developers today. It has tremendous benefits and applications in the world of software development and app development.

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