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A Comprehensive Guide To Hire Golang Developers

As per the Stack Overflow 2022 Developer Survey, Go, the developer language from Google developers, is often as popular as Golang. Golang technology is always trending in the software development world.

Golang is the fourth most popular programming language. One can hire Golang developers, who know of both popular and niche technologies. It is becoming increasingly difficult as the demand is high for such software engineers or developers. The language is useful for Google’s Core Data Solutions team to write web indexing services and maintain updated search results.

As per the ZDNet reports, Developers with programming languages like Rust, Go and Scala are drawing very high salaries and are very much in demand in the market. Internet Soft, a leading software development company in California, offers services for hiring Golang developers at a very competitive price. So contact us to hire Golang Developers now!

Features of Golang Language

Golang is an open-source programming language designed by Google in 2007. It carries security and performance parameters like C++ with the speed of a dynamic language like Python. Golang had a purposeful invention to serve many cores, so it has a concurrency feature, so it is okay for multitasking jobs.

Google always expects fast and smooth running of its all servers, for this purpose, Go has been generated. The faster the code will be processed, the TCP and IP requests will be received faster, processed faster, and returned at the same speed. This makes the Go Language efficient and speedy. 

Apart from this high-performing feature, Golang carries a standard library that supports making web apps without any framework. It is very useful for DevOps Engineers. It carries built-in testing modules. It has functionalities like JSON processing, File processing, and HTTP web services. Web development in Golang is a great choice for developers who want to build fast, scalable, and secure web applications. Go’s built-in HTTP server and templating language make it a complete Golang technology for web development. Web development in Golang is useful in speedy development.

Cost to Hire Golang Developer

The average salary range is given on various placement websites for Golang developers. Many platforms show different salaries of Golang developers with different expertise. It means the actual salaries may differ from case to case. A Golang developer with English communication skills will be working with an outsourcing company, while a non-English speaking local developer with Golang language knowledge will work for a local company. 

The study shows variable salaries depending upon countries – Cost of living and taxation level. Wages in India, USA, Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom come with a base salary and additional pay, that includes cash rewards, commission, tips, and profit sharing. The highest-paid Go developers are in North America and Western Europe. 

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Comparatively, Indian Golang engineers have less remuneration for Golang development. Many companies from the US or Western Europe recommend hiring remotely through innovative models like staff augmentation. If one wants to hire a professional Go developer a knowledge shortage at the local level is an issue. then hiring contractors from different countries is the solution. This solution is cost-effective, as only services need to be paid. There will be no office rentals, expenses, equipment, or rewards. 

Popular Golang Tools Available

There are many tools available for Go developers that can help them better code writing, and debugging faster and improve their productivity. The popular Golang tools include:

01) Go Tools: This is a set of various tools and packages helpful for static analysis of Go programs

02) LiteIDE: This is an open-source, cross-platform IDE, that has a lot of features for Go development, system environmental management, and expandable Golang support.

Popular Golang Tools by Internet Soft

03) Eclipse with GoClipse: This is a plugin for the Eclipse IDE that provides support for Golang development.

Also, there are many more Golang tools available for Go development.

Hiring Golang Developers: Geographical Options

If you want to hire a Go developer, there are 2 options available based on geography.

1) You can hire an engineer locally,

2) Hire a nearshore talent, or an offshore developer (or development team). Now, let us elaborate on each option above here.

Now, let us elaborate on each option above here.

1. Hiring local talent – In the case of hiring local talent, developers work with a team in the same office. Even in the case of Hybrid or Remote working models, due to the same time zone working, they are easy to club for a meeting or a technical call. For this option, a regular hiring process is the best. One can contact local HR agencies or any other in the professional network of developers for candidate references. Even Online job posts and websites are helpful. Many online virtual hackathons and technical conferences are the right ways to hunt for the right talent for Golang Development.

2. Hiring nearshore and offshore developers – Nearshore and offshore outsourcing opens access to a larger pool of developers. This will help to address the issue of talent shortage. The hiring process is very much similar. Initially, you can search for individuals and agencies with good ratings. B2B platforms such as Clutch and GoodFirms provide ratings to reference before hiring Golang development companies or Golang engineers. For nearshore talent search, companies can hire local Golang developers through local hackathons and local technical conferences, events, etc.

Hiring Golang developers: Hiring models Some hiring models to hire Golang developers are available. Let us discuss them one by one here.

1) In-House Hiring

If one company wants a dedicated Golang developer for their projects and Golang development services, then they can use this model. This model gives a fixed salary plus a fixed benefit to a full-time employee. For the core development stage, this is the best model.

2) Staff Augmentation – 

This model is useful in the case of hiring Golang developers at a rapid speed for projects only. Other countries’ talent is tapped normally for this kind of model hiring. Coordinating with these employees for their full time with regular employees is an additional task for the manager.

3) Outsourcing – 

A hiring company can outsource Golang developers via an outsourcing agency or a company that provides outsourcing services for Golang developers on a project basis. It can be for long-term or short-term projects from the company. This limits the employee intake and financial responsibilities of the core company, rather outsourcing companies or service providers make many things easy in this aspect. Many second lines of products and services are generally outsourced by the company to focus more on their core product line or services.

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As discussed above, we can understand that the demand for Golang developers is ever-rising. We can hire Golang developers for our upcoming projects with various methods, which are reliable and stable. Golang technology is helpful in digital transformation, as well. There are many Golang tools available to fulfill our professional requirements.

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