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UI/UX Developer Vs. UI/UX Designer: What is the Difference?

In today’s fast-moving and competent world of endless opportunities for customers of online markets to go for the right one option at the right price is an easy job.

UI/UX technology plays an important role in smart buying for customers today. It is all about giving a decent and seamless experience to users on the website. This will keep customers easily engaged on your shopping website or online purchase website with low effort. 

Customer convenience has become a key to making your business website a success now. This indicates the need for UI/UX Developer and UI/UX Designer for business development as a vital thing.

First, we will discuss the technical difference between UI & UX Developers and UX/UX designers here.

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About UI/UX Designer 

UI/UX Design is nothing but the user/buyer interacting with the website on any device like a laptop, Tablet, or mobile phone. 

At the same time, UI/UX Development is a specialized software development that has a combination of graphical elements expertise with engineering design concepts. UI/UX Developers take care of User experience and User Interface design.

UI designer works on visual inputs and language. Their main work involves font, and colors in relevance to the brand identity and converting and presenting the same in the webpage format. They make all efforts for element positioning to deliver quick and engaging information to the user.

While UX designer makes sure that the user gets engaged due to a comfortable experience with the site interface and overall site appearance suitable to use. UI Designers work on the interface to give an intuitive and satisfactory or enjoyable user experience.

UI/UX Designer has below tasks to do:

  1. User behavior and user issues study 
  2. Creation of an Interactive and easy model to use
  3. Process activities with catchy designs
  4. Develop trial path with website and interfaces
  5. Create elements like CTA, Tabs, etc.
  6. Test User experience problems
  7. Research with Marketing for business purpose-oriented design

UI/UX Designer need the below skills to perform their duty and responsibilities:

  1. Thorough understanding and knowledge of InVision, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, and other required software
  2. Deep knowledge of coding languages like HTML, XML, JavaScript, and others
  3. Hands-on knowledge of Wireframe tools and tasks
  4. Awareness of design trends and tools
UI-UX-Developer-Vs.-UIUX-Designer-Internet Soft

About UI/UX Developer

This kind of developer works within a 3-layer development environment. The first layer is about back-end developers, who make sure about the website’s functionality and smooth working. They work on server-side coding. While UI/UX developers work as front-end developers. They take care of the aesthetics, designs, and displays of the website, helpful for the appearance. They work in association with UI/UX Designers.

Full-stack developers are responsible for the overall ends of the website project as full developers.

UI/UX Developer has below tasks to do:

  1. Does user research and product research
  2. Develop buyer’s persona information architecture
  3. Creation of prototypes and applications with data
  4. Manage design issues after user experience

UI/UX Developer need the below skills to carry out their duty and responsibilities successfully:

  1. Deep knowledge and skills in coding languages like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and others. 
  2. Hands-on experience and knowledge base on application languages such as Ruby, PHP, Java, XHTML, Dot Net, Ajax, and others
  3. Skillsets of Flash, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and relative softwares
  4. Well-versed with Restful APIs for social networking websites
  5. Working experience with content management systems(CMS) such as WordPress, Magento, Joomla, WooCommerce, and others 
  6. SEO understandings

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As far as basic technical compatibility is concerned, UI/UX developers are superior to UI/UX designers. Developers ensure each and every piece of the code works. Coding makes the functionality run. It provides overall stability to the product either a website or a mobile app with a technically strong architecture. These developers build many apps or websites with coding. 

They take care of the overall technical aspects of the product. They make the project stand error-free. They do have an all-round approach while they build the product to deliver with success. From Interface to user experience, they make it happen. Several times they work hand in hand with UI/UX designers for successful product delivery. They choose the right technology workable for the particular product every time. They are experts in various related technologies.

How to use your UI/UX resources?

As the UI/UX services are vital for the business and various upcoming projects for future customer experience, We can use the UI/UX designers or Developers based on project scalability or size. For a small project, you can hire only a UI/UX Developer. A developer can create the basic level interface required for a small project or product. For a big-size project. It needs a UI/UX designer and a UI/UX Developer both are essential. The requirements are up to the level. 

To provide the best UI/UX design and development services in the USA, Internet Soft is there to serve with endless expertise. 


Based on discussions so far here, we can say that the ultimate target of work for UI/UX designers and UX/UI developers is the same, but tasks and skills are different. So, one can say we can hire or utilize a UI Designer for User Interface requirements to make a website user-friendly, and easy to interact with a user. While the UX designer takes care of a smooth and friendly experience of the website. 

They work on the user’s journey or behavior to develop a better experience for him in the future. In short, UI/UX designers work with User interface as well as User experience in combination. They not only take care of the user’s interface but also work on the user experience for the digital product like a website or a mobile application. UI/UX Developers work on codes and architecture of the product. They build the products, correct, test, and implement them. 

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