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What Trending Technologies Can Grow Your Business in 2024

The future is uncertain, with events or circumstances overlapping each other. What helps is the ability to adapt and be resilient.

New technologies are changing the landscape as industries look to navigate changes and policies by governments. Customer and client expectations also add to the mix. This makes it hard for industry leaders.

Internet Soft, a software development company in California, keeps its finger on the pulse of the latest trends. It aims to help businesses integrate technologies in their process to accumulate clients and generate revenue. Internet Soft has compiled an impressive list of technologies every industry stalwart should know in this insightful blog.

Making the Hard Decisions

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the various cracks in systems and processes. To rectify this, industry leaders had to jump on the digital transformation bandwagon overnight. This meant making hard decisions that may change the way they function.

Brave leaders need to make the hard decisions now to stave off unproductivity. They embrace change and work with technologies instead of hesitating while making decisions. Leaders wanting growth need to invest in digital technologies to see an impact on their margins in the long run.

Reacting fast to uncertainty is the surefire way to respond to sudden change. Digital technologies provide the perfect insulation for companies trying to keep the balance. An ideal way to gain a perspective on how digital technologies impact your business is through a consulting firm. Internet Soft provides the best answers to trending technologies like artificial intelligence and more.

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Top Trending Technologies Industry Leaders

Technology has evolved in the last year to bring new updates to existing technologies, software, and plug-ins. Chief technology officers in companies and firms need to be abreast of the latest tech trends or be left behind. As legacy infrastructure slowly joins the digital world through digitizing their data, here are some trending technologies that should not be missed. Outlined are the following:

1) Artificial Intelligence – Artificial intelligence is here to stay as generative pre-trained transformers (GPT) evolve. The recent testing of Claude and GPT-4.5 have shown their intelligence improve as they respond to queries with more clarity. Moreover, they can understand images and written text more clearly due to possessing computer vision and advanced machine learning algorithms. Internet Soft provides AI/ML services for industries looking to expedite their internal processes.

2) GenAI – GenAI has taken the spotlight among businesses that are to be integrated this year. In June 2022, ChatGPT 3.5 reached 1 million downloads in 5 days. Even Gartner has predicted that 90% of IT service providers will leverage the technology for quality assurance in code and automated debugging. Enterprises should insist on the assistance of an AI development company to create personalized solutions.

3) SuperApps – Multi-purpose applications that operate under a single mobile application will be seen as an optimized mobile strategy by multinational companies. These apps require government regulatory support and a large customer base of mobile phone users. Prime examples of their success are in China, and the U.S. Company leaders can launch superapps of their products and services, making it convenient for their customers.

4) Internet of Things (IoT) – IoT creates an ecosystem of applications, customers, and services. Companies trust a network of devices to record and analyze data successfully. The microservices approach will help companies complete tasks efficiently and diligently. Development of advanced mobile networks like 5G makes homes, commercial complexes, and public places more connected, and leaders can leverage this.

Top Trending Technologies Industry Leaders - Internet Soft

5) Industrial Metaverse – The industrial metaverse like its cousin, the consumer metaverse, offers new opportunities for industries. Industries can leverage spatial computing, digital twins, and augmented work instruction to ensure quality of products and efficiency. Simulations can reduce the margin of error in operations and improve the chances of success.

6) Web 3.0 – Web 3.0 is a novel and faster Internet that can be used in sending larger files and communicating faster. Integration of blockchain will ensure that systems and software can be interoperable. It can present a new industry for the financial industry as decentralized finance which can hold digital wallets and cryptocurrency.

7) Quantum Computing – Quantum computing has seen huge investments by large nations and companies looking to compute huge volumes of data. It is seen as a pivotal linchpin in a cybersecurity strategy by creating complex cryptography methods that make online threats futile. It can power the rise of artificial intelligence.

8) Cybersecurity – Cybersecurity is of prime importance for companies looking to tread further in the digital space. The increasing spate of online threats and risks make cybersecurity a top priority in all security upgrades. Digital assets need to be protected as they are uploaded to the cloud, and data breaches become commonplace. Investments in critical infrastructure and internet security solutions, as well as compliance with regulations of the land, will foster excellence in companies.

9) Big Data – Big data will become a huge talking point for companies consolidating their databases. It will be used to leverage customer insights and fuel innovation. Furthermore, it can be used to produce customized products and leverage machine learning algorithms. Companies can partner with respectable big data solution providers like Internet Soft, which has a team of data officers that can mull through datasets and extract data with high quality.

10) Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality – Immersive technologies like augmented reality (AR)/virtual reality (VR) can provide new opportunities in education, media, and healthcare. Integration of AI can help its users experience new environments and socialize using them. WebAR, a new phenomenon, in which augmented reality can be experienced through the Internet. The development of AR applications on smartphones will become a trend in the coming years.

11) Sustaining Technologies – Sustainable technologies are in huge demand as countries globally face a climate crisis. It needs solutions powered by technologies that fulfill the basic demands of citizens. Cleantech solutions that lower the carbon footprint and improve energy conservation efforts will see new partnerships. This is evident by the news of a partnership between TC Energy, an energy infrastructure company, and Nikola, a manufacturer of heavy-duty electric vehicles, fuel-cell vehicles, and energy solutions, in 2023.

How Can Internet Soft Help You?

Internet Soft is a dedicated software development company in California that empowers organizations with digital technologies. It crafts solutions to their liking to foster innovation and excellence at the workplace.

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