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Boost the potential of your business by taking AI services from Internet Soft, an AI development company in the USA which are built-in to automate your business practices so that your business operates at maximum efficiency and productivity. From AI consultancy to data labeling & analysis, custom AI app building and seamless AI app integration to your workflows, we present an end to end AI service suite. In addition, we have perfected working with base models like GPT and Llama 2 to develop specific custom models for your particular business. Internet Soft will provide you with a complete AI panorama empowering you to apply AI for optimal business results.

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Increase your business performance with Internet Soft, an Software development company in the California. Here, the AI solutions are based on the application of deep learning, machine learning, computer vision and natural language processing technologies.

AI/ML Strategy Consulting

Rely on the expertise and knowledge of the top minds at Internet Soft to guide you through AI implementation in a complex world. AI application is mostly done through strategic advice and development methodology. We commit ourselves to the AI/ML systemic improvements in your business context leading to sustainable growth of your business in the transforming world.

PoC and MVP Development

Our team of experts builds Proof of Concepts of your AI app, which highlights the feasibility of the concept at hand by creating miniature models. We are focused on the creation and release of Minimum Viable Products that have core features for the first users, thus allowing us to carry out user validation, iterative development and faster time-to-market.

Fine-tuning LLMs

Being an AI development company, we specialize in customizing LLMs for you based on your needs, such as increasing performance for specific domains, adapting to different datasets, or enriching content generation capabilities. Through the application of precision and efficiency we develop working relationships with you to comprehend your objectives and customize our fine tuning process accordingly.

AI Integration

AI software is designed to fit into your existing workflows, meaning your business already has AI capabilities at your disposal. The team unites with you so that AI applications can be smoothly integrated into your current operational platform such that it should not cause any downtime that leads to more efficiency, productivity, and more innovations.

Data Analysis

Empower the capabilities of the Internet Soft team to accelerate business growth by means of evidence-based choices. The expertise in statistics, programming, data visualization, and machine learning of our data analysts enables businesses to find the vital information within their data, come up with data strategies, as well as decode complicated data mysteries.

Custom AI App Development

At Internet Soft, an AI development company in the USA our experts team up with you to develop AI-enhanced web and mobile products tailored to the specific requirements of your business. Whether we are working on the user interface or algorithm we obsess over every inch of the solution to make sure it performs at its best. Promising to develop AI that considers both security and ethical aspects, our AI development pathway favors responsible innovation.

Data Annotation and Labeling

We annotate and tag your data to ensure it is properly configured for training top-notch artificial intelligence models. We take utmost care to make precise and quality annotations using relevant metadata, tags, labels, bounding boxes, key points and other annotations to your raw data that is correctly labeled and ready for machine learning models training.

Generative AI Development

Internet Soft, an AI development company in the USA uses AI to its fullest advantages. Leverage the impactful potentials provided by sentence transformers like GPT-4, Llama, and PaLM-2. Development of our GenAI solutions, which in most cases are based on advanced models, is mainly focused on the automation of workflows and increased performance. This should lead to improved productivity and operational excellence.

Data Mining and Management

We leverage advanced algorithms and analytics techniques to extract valuable knowledge from your data sources. From structured databases to unstructured text and multimedia content, we carefully analyze and interpret your data to uncover patterns, trends, and correlations that drive informed decision-making. Our comprehensive data management service ensures that your data is organized, secure, and accessible whenever you need it.

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Why Choose Internet Soft, an AI development company in the USA.?

Expert AI Professionals

Internet Soft boasts a team of skilled professionals with expertise in advanced AI technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision. With a proven track record of successful implementations, our experts build tailored products across diverse domains.

Extensive Experience in AI

With a wealth of experience in AI development, Internet Soft is your trusted technology partner. Our track record showcases a diverse array of successfully built AI products underpinned by a profound knowledge of AI technologies. From recommendation systems to chatbots, our expertise spans a wide spectrum.

We Prioritize Speed

At Internet Soft, the AI development company, our experienced developers and data scientists work tirelessly to accelerate the development cycle from initial concept to system integration. With our streamlined processes, agile methodologies, and advanced technology stack, we ensure that your AI projects are delivered on time while upholding impeccable standards of quality.

End-to-end AI Development

We begin with an in-depth consultation to understand your goals and requirements, develop an AI product and tailor it to your specific needs, and then rigorously test and refine it until perfection. We then seamlessly integrate it into your existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition and maximizing the benefits of AI across your operations.

Shift to AI-driven Wonders to Skyrocket Your Workflows!

Stimulate the presence of the extraordinary, stand out custom AI models and applications at  this AI development company,, which are thoughtfully designed by experts who have mastered the intricacies of solving the toughest problems.

Technologies where we Expertise

Machine Learning

Saying, our team of Machine learning engineers maintains face while extracting meaningful information out of unreleased data from different media, clients can benefit from having more perspective about business strategies and growth.

Deep Learning

Deep learning-based methodologies is our technology for perception-based features, automation, and business intelligence.

Predictive Analytics

The power of our AI development company has predictive analytics and machine learning expertise which gives your business the power to see ahead into the future.

Natural Language Processing

Being experts in NLP, the team of our AI development company has an ability to gain access to hidden features of the textual data that are unseen by other companies.

Data Science

AI development company employ data scientists with expertise and keep raising the bar in data science, from prediction and descriptive analytics to specific AI practices.

Data Сapture / OCR

We have come up with a smart data capture and extraction automation system which enables businesses to have an automation driven simplification of document processing resulting in high level of precision, boost in efficiency and a decline in human error.

Our Artificial Intelligence Portfolio

AI-Driven Retail Analytics

The retail analytics system from SensiblyAI supplies the businesses and their clients with much needed advantages. At the core of the e-Commerce system is an analytical power, which gives the merchant a detailed data-based insight into their business. It is thus a helpful tool for both the manager and the employees alike. It offers the latest high-speed plug-and-play device, which allows for simple connectivity of security cameras, improving overall performance. The application has a wide range of adaptable features and AI utilities which aids it to determine customer trends, identify high-valued customers, and gives all-rounded analytics such as footfall analysis and demographic data. In addition, the application gives the first place to security providing a reliable defense for private information. In general, it is efficient, enriches shopper experience and helps to make businesses competitive in the robust retail environment.

AI-Driven Retail Analytics

AI-Based Communication Coach

The Getmee App makes English language skills learning affordable, personalized, and sans time limitations using its AI platform, thus enabling users to learn at their own pace, anywhere, and anytime. The language lab even gradually tracks the communication style, tone and pronunciation of each student. Furthermore, it gives instant feedback thus enabling students to correct themselves, with the aim of perfecting English proficiency. Empowering students with the self-paced learning, time and resources could be saved to the already constrained budgets improving the efficiency and productivity for both students and team. In addition, the high scalability will drive new revenue, in addition to improve the candidate pool, thus enhancing the enterprise’s reputation. By means of using AI intelligence and recommendations for conversation, Getmee App improves communication between the customers and the teamwork productivity which is a great deal of 20%. As a result, the tool has became an indispensable accessory in gaining command over the language and professional progress of the users.

AI-Driven, Ad-Free AMFM streaming

Internet Soft, an AI development company in the USA launched a new product line that turns ad-free audio streaming into a reality, with the help of the most advanced AI technology- Auddia, It also uses TensorFlow2 and MFCC for accurate audio classification of AM/FM radio selection and ad minimization. Hence, AM/FM radio and podcast consumers delight in these experiences. Through the implementation of this unique technique, customers’ satisfaction and loyalty would be able to improve while at the same time the clients’ revenue potential would increase. Auddia’s distinctive platform empowers users to customize their listening journey, which, in turn, enhances exposure to and engagement with new artists. The outcome is an advanced public exposure and recognition of the artists. The Auddia platform proves to be user-friendly and allows for real-time streaming giving it the edge which ultimately makes a new norm for audio streaming not only in terms of revenue and benefits but also user experience as well.

AI-powered Business Name Generator

AI-Powered Business Name Generator

Our AI development company  has invented Business Name Generator is the innovation through which the future companies will get both unique and brandable domain names. With the help of advanced AI and ML technologies like NLP and NLU, the tool presents scrupulous filters and unlimited first name suggestions, hence accelerating the naming process. It is integrated seamlessly across web and mobile applications, providing its clients with multi-faceted services such as domain name registration, listing checks, and even logo creation. The Business Name Generator does this by allowing clients to craft personas, create a brand fortified for the future, and incorporate keywords. This makes sure that their digital domain would be on top of any rankings. With functions like pronunciation testing and trademark availability checks, it facilitates brand decisions and becomes a valuable guide for businesses that need to move through the competitive digital landscape.

AI-Backed Human Resourse System

With the Internet Soft’s HireLakeAI application, the complicated recruitment process is revolutionized, as the AI system aids in finding the solutions to the traditional recruitment dilemmas. It auto schedules, it is predictive and it learns continuously, thus reducing the workload of candidate screening and selection. The usage of TensorFlow as its AI framework will demonstrate the platform going above and beyond, providing the clients with leading technology that is both robust and scalable to meet the current recruitment needs. AI technology allows to automate candidate engagement, shortlist based on job descriptions, and conduct on-platform audio and video interviews, among other things, which eventually leads to significant reduction of manual intervention and improvement of the accuracy, hence making AI a perfect partner in optimized hiring process. Check out HireLakeAI to get a deeper insight of innovations from one of the best AI development companies in the USA into the next-generation recruitment at HikeLake.AI.

Our Artificial Intelligence Development Process

Define the Problem, Analyze the Data

In this case, the early stage of the AI development process implies defining the problem that needs to be solved. This includes articulating the business problem properly, and determining the project boundary. At this point, the problem must be clearly defined. After that, the data must be collected and arranged in order for the AI model to be trained. Such data should be revealing the area the problem will be tackled. And it should be cleansed and processed to eliminate inaccuracies and inconsistencies.

Model Selection and Training are to be accomplished.

The next stage in the creation of AI involves the selection of the best algorithm for the problem by utilizing the given data. There exist a variety of AI algorithms to pick from that are also differently efficient level wise. After the selection of the algorithm, the next step is to train the AI model through the algorithm train and data that has been picked. In the second step, training of the algorithm is done with the data input; parameters are tuned in such a way that the model can make accurate predictions of the outcome.

Evaluate as well as validate the Model

Having the AI accuracy and creating a performance measure is very crucial in the third step of the AI development process. For this, the model is tested with a dataset, which is not used for training the model, to make sure that the AI performs well. This part is very important because it helps the AI model enabling to solve the problems effectively and give predictions that are reliable and accurate. Having confirmed that the model works fine, the next thing to do is embed it in an actual world settings.

Deploy and Commission the Model

The fifth and last stage of AI is to do this, to put the model into work in the real world, that is to integrate it with existing systems and processes. After implementation of the model, it is required to term it and manage its performance through time by making periodical adjustments toward the purpose of continued accuracy and relevance.

AI Development Solutions We Offer - Take Your Industry to the Next Level

Banking and Finance

Our workforce at Internet Soft, the AI development company in the USA is skilled in using AI to deconstruct financial applications, automate finance analysis, design budgets and predictive analysis is a good technique for decision making.


Study customer behavior, make inventory management better, improve customer retention rate and also enjoy personalized suggestions using AI-based applications.


Analytics at our AI development company can be used to achieve better diagnosing, evidence-based recommendations and predictions and give personalized treatment to save people's lives.

Supply Chain and Logistics

Process receipts and invoices while automating data-related tasks, and also improve customer experience with the AI ability with our AI development company in the USA


Automate claims management, implement AI chatbots to improve users experience, identify and control hazards and provide client-focused services.


Utilize AI to automate quality control, predictive maintenance, and supply chain optimization in order to have the most optimum operation for your manufacturing business.

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Dedicated Development Team

Internet Soft is one of the leading AI development companies in the USA.Our developers use the finest and the latest cognitive-based technologies to roll out services that are moulded to suit our client's requirements.

Team Extension

Our Team Extension Solution is precisely tailored to meet demands of our clients whose goal is to extend their teams with niche skills that are required.

Project-based Model

Internet Soft is a project-oriented team that facilitates the tailored collaboration between our technical specialists in software development and customers to accomplish specific project purposes.

Facts & Questions

Using AI services from one of the premier AI development companies in the USA for your business brings multiple real, and compelling benefits. Through AI-powered tools & solutions, operational efficiency can be enhanced, better solutions can be adopted in the decision-making process of the company and in the long run improved business outcomes would be seen. AI is capable of extracting knowledge which serves as a foundation for the establishment of smart goals and evidence-based decision making through analyzing large volumes of data. Tasks that involve repetition replacement by AI can simplify processes, eliminating human error and allowing the employees' time to be concentrated on the highest value-adding tasks. In the meantime, artificial intelligence also is at the basis of the personalized experience the customer has, boosting the involvement and expectations of the customer as well. In today's tough business context, AI is instrumental to your ability to stay agile and adapt to a new expert level by catching the opportunities at the right moment which would give you a competitive advantage. Through the implementation of AI, your business stands on the foundation of technological standout and with that the league of possibilities for improvements, efficiencies and innovation is opened in front of you.

Being one of the top  AI development companies in the USA, we implement  intelligence in AI by way of processing diverse forms of data generated by unique types of algorithms, either to learn patterns, establish relationships or to uncover representations. During the training, the model recalculates its internal parameters to limit the number of its mistakes. These models are created with the purpose of solving particular tasks, such as image recognition or language understanding, having the matching structures. The training package is completed by performance check where the model is validated on unseen data to make sure the quality of training. Assuming the model has survived the validation, it is then able to proceed in making predictions or decisions in real scenarios, while it can remain learning and improving through feedback loops and new data intake.

Ultimately, as an AI development company, our approach centers on selecting the optimal tools and technologies that best suit the project’s requirements, ensuring that we deliver innovative, highly functional, and efficient AI solutions.

We use a flexible range of tools and technologies to assure creating revolutionary and well-functioning AI systems. Our AI development company’s toolkit consists of a wide range of platforms, libraries, and frameworks which are substantial in the industry. We often use machine learning libraries such as TensorFlow and PyTorch, which are versatile platforms enabling the building and training of very complicated models. These frameworks help to oversee many kinds of network architectures which ensures flexibility and scalability of the implementation process.

For language processing tasks, we will be using libraries like NLTK and spaCy for quickly processing and analyzing the text data. Besides, we use cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud for ease of access to scalable data for model training, deployment, and management. Our abilities are not limited to complex deep learning tools like Keras and scikit-learn. The latter is a convenient tool that simplifies the development of neural networks. These technologies help us to develop prediction models, recommendations systems and other automated intelligence that exactly comply with your business needs.

To end, our AI development company focuses on selecting the best and appropriate tools and technologies that work with the needs of the task, which allows us to deliver intelligent, highly functional, and efficient AI solutions.

 The intelligence in AI is implemented by way of processing diverse forms of data generated by unique types of algorithms, either to learn patterns, establish relationships or to uncover representations. During the training, the model recalculates its internal parameters to limit the number of its mistakes.At our AI development company, these models are created with the purpose of solving particular tasks, such as image recognition or language understanding, having the matching structures. The training package is completed by performance check where the model is validated on unseen data to make sure the quality of training. Assuming the model has survived the validation, it is then able to proceed in making predictions or decisions in real scenarios, while it can remain learning and improving through feedback loops and new data intake.

 For our AI projects to be secure, we provide a powerful security solution that includes advanced data encryption, access controls, and secure architecture and design. We proactively implement multi-factor authentication, conduct periodic security audits, and use next-gen intrusion detection systems to detect potential threats in real-time. We follow industry best practices, frequently and regularly update our software components, as well as do our best to provide continuous employee trainings in order to keep up with the emerging security problems. Through regulation compliance to data protection of our AI development company provides solutions and accessibility, AI, confidentiality, integrity and availability of our AI solutions ensure.

It’s crucial to approach each AI project with a tailored timeline, as taking the time to thoroughly outline the scope, plan, and execute ensures that the resulting solution aligns closely with the desired outcomes and meets the project’s specific needs.
The exact time specification for identifying the scope, carrying out a plan, and doing an AI project greatly depends on the complexity of the project and is the nature of the project. The specific tasks for each project involve specific requirements that are different for the total duration period.
The pain points such as the quality of the input training data, the complexity of the AI machines to be used, the requirement of custom model architectures, and the integration of the AI solution into the existing systems can be the determinant of how long the AI deployment would take. Along with this, incremental development and testing stages are crucial for adjusting and enhancing the AI model’s quality.
It is essential to handle each project on AI with a unique timescale because this allows us to completely map out the project scope, plan, and implementation phases which may otherwise be executed hurriedly leading to a poor end product that does not align closely with the expected outcomes and project needs.