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Top 7 PHP Development Tools To Use For Web Development

In recent years, PHP has become the favorite development tool among web applications and developers stands for Hypertext preprocessor and is also popular with an earlier name Personal Home Page. PHP is a server-side scripting language embedded with HTML. Many top PHP development tools are available to enhance or enrich its performance. 

PHP has been used as the server-side scripting language for 77.6% of business websites so far. So, the usage is tremendous and wide. For any website development or web application, PHP comes up as the strong option for development in almost every project now. 

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PHP Development Tools makes coding efficient and development works a little easy. There are many PHP development tools available by their developers. The main thing is which PHP tools are the top or best for web projects. In this article, we are discussing some of the top PHP development tools here for their easy selection.

1. Zend Studio

Many websites are developed in the PHP 7 version. Zend Studio is compatible with PHP 7 and many developers prefer it. Writing and debugging code at a faster speed is possible with Zend Studio with Zend debugger. Speed is the major feature of Zend Studio. Zend Studio integrates X-ray, Xdebug, and Zend Debugger and is useful for the debugging of PHP scripts. It is an extensive PHP IDE. It comes with advanced features as well as easy deployment of applications on various servers and the cloud.

It provides the option of Eclipse Plugin with itself for development projects. It supports platforms like Windows, Linux, and macOS. It supports languages like PHP, C, C++, C#, JavaScript, and Visual Basic. It is a smart code editor. It is capable of deploying applications on private and public clouds. It allows debugging and profiling with or without the help of Zend Server. Interoperability is for Git, GitHub, SVN, and CVS. 

2. Sublime Text 4

This is my favorite text editor among the PHP developers. It is the most sturdy and features-rich editor with many designs making it a developer’s choice. This is a lightweight tool. It is not a PHP IDE but we can install additional plugins and packages. Then, it becomes supportive to make different Apps. It is a customizable text editor. Here are some important packages of this editor- xDebug client-CodeBug, Sublime PHP companion, Simple PHPUnit, CodIntel, and PHPDoc. It supports all 3 platforms – Windows, macOS, and Linux. It supports all programming languages. It allows many changes in one moment. It changes code in multiple lines at a time. It has a distraction-free mode. It supports split editing. It has an instant project switch feature.

3. Code Lobster

This is the most famous PHP tool among the Developers community. It supports CMS like Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal. It also has auto-completion features for tabs in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. It supports PHP frameworks like Codeigniter, Laravel, CakePHP, etc. It simplifies the complex web development process. It has a good internal PHP debugger. It automatically identifies the server and configures specific files. It supports multiple platforms like Windows, macOS, Linux, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, and Mint. It helps find root-level reasons for complex bugs. It takes care of the autocompletion of keywords, DOM elements, and their properties.

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4. NetBeans

It is an open-source PHP IDE environment now owned by Oracle. It was initially developed for the JAVA platform, but now it has been popular and usable among the PHP developers community. It is also called APACHE NetBeans. This tool is followed by a large number of developer communities. This IDE tool is faster and more popular among developers. This supports large web Apps and has wide language compatibility like Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Brazilian, and Russian apart from English. It comes with Git support and SSG support. NetBeans supports PHP frameworks like Symfony2, Smarty Doctrine, and Zend. With Laravel IDE, it supports FuelPHP, CakePHP, Yii, and WordPress CMS. 

The top features of NetBeans like getter-setter generation, competent project management, smart code editing and completion, quick solutions, hints, code templates, and refactoring. It supports languages like C++, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, etc. It gives bug-free codes and rapid UI development also.

5. AWS Cloud 9

This is a cloud-based PHP IDE. We can use, code, debug, and run our code in the browser only. It is a complete solution with a code editor, debugger, and terminal. 

It runs with internet connectivity from any corner of the world. This open-source cloud PHP IDE is not only for PHP or web application development, it also provides a development environment for many programming languages like C, C++, JavaScript, and Python. It comes with pre pre-packaged environment so that rapid coding followed by live preview and browser compatibility test is also possible. It provides a collaborative environment for coding. It also encourages serverless application development. You do not need a server to run or execute the application in this environment. You do things remotely. It supports platforms like Solaris, Linux, macOS X, and Windows. It is a built-in image editor. It allows access to AWS services. It iterates code directly. Reformatting of code is possible. It carries out real-time language analysis. Debugging is integrated.

6. PHPDebugBar

It is an open-source solution. It can be applied to any project and it can display the relevant data from various web apps. This PHP tool comes with 2 parts. One is the mainDebugBar object with data collectors and the renderer. A StandardDebugBar comes with a prepackaged built-in bunch of collectors. If data profiling from any web app is required, we can think about this tool. It comes with a clean and fast UI. It can control the network traffic. It can also handle AJAX requests. It can manage, save, and reopen requests. It has generic and popular collector libraries. It supports languages like RUBY, Java, PHP, and .Net.You can directly log in and Debug to DebugBar.It supports PHP versions- 5.5 and above. It supports platforms like Solaris, Linux, macOS X, and Windows.

7. Eclipse

It is the most popular and listed PHP IDE, a free open-source platform. This is one of the best development tools for many PHP projects. It allows Eclipse Public License 2.0 with Java 11 version allowed for running. But for compilation, any version is useful. It simplifies any complex PHP code. It has a wide range of Plugins to use. It is easy to run and execute GUI and NON-GUI applications. It is a cross-platform PHP text editor, suitable for large-scale PHP projects.

It allows unit testing and allows for code navigation. It is now compatible with Node. JS. It has Windows Dark and GTK Light Theme. Any query is answerable with big documentation. It supports platforms Solaris, Linux, macOS X, and Windows. It supports ABAP, Ada, C, C++, Haskell, COBOL, D, JavaScript, Fortran, Java, Julia, Perl, Lua, NATURAL, PHP, Prolog, Ruby, Python, R, Lasso, Rust, Scala, Groovy, Scheme, Clojure, and Erlang languages.

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So one can choose as per his requirement on a PHP project, to choose from these above-discussed top 7 PHP development tools to cater to the required goals. All these PHP development tools have different features and merits to use to create PHP development software as per your requirements.

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