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Internet Soft’s Magento2 E-commerce Solution for DosMastres.com, a High-Fashion Designer Clothing Store in Mexico

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Internet Soft, a San Francisco-based Magento development company, collaborated with DosMastres.com, a leading online retailer of curated high-fashion designer clothes in Mexico. Over a period of five years, Internet Soft has provided various marketing services to DosMastres.com, including UI/UX design and influencer marketing. Recently, Internet Soft undertook the task of redesigning DosMastres.com’s editorial strategy to enhance organic traffic from Google. This case study explores the challenges faced by Sahiba and how Internet Soft successfully executed the project.

Technical Stack

Technology Used

Magento 2, MySQL, HTML/CSS, JS/JQ

Team Size




Project Duration

6 months

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Sahiba's Challenges

DosMastres.com faced the challenge of high competition in the fashion industry, particularly for popular keyword phrases related to their products such as "pantalones" (pants), "Gafas de sol" (sunglasses), "skirts," and "Faldas" (skirts). To stand out from the competition, DosMastres.com needed to identify topics that were relevant to their products, had significant search volume, and were less saturated in terms of existing content. However, obtaining accurate data on search volumes and competition from Google posed an additional challenge.

Execution by Internet Soft

Internet Soft tackled the challenges by implementing a strategic approach to topic selection. They started by identifying topics with high search value on Google Analytics. The next step was to find keywords with low editorial competition rather than advertising competition. This distinction allowed Internet Soft to target topics that were less saturated with existing content, providing DosMastres.com with an opportunity to gain visibility and attract organic traffic.

Leveraging Google's Paid Search Listings

Internet Soft recognized that while many retailers may bid for specific keywords to appear in Google’s paid search listings, there might be a lack of content focused on those keywords. Thus, Internet Soft’s decision to create content was based on the editorial competition rather than advertising competition, ensuring that DosMastres.com could target keywords with untapped potential.
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Integration of Products in Editorial Posts:

To generate sales and enhance the user experience, Internet Soft strategically integrated DosMastres.com’s products into the editorial posts. By linking and embedding relevant products within the articles themselves, customers could read the content, explore products directly related to the topic, and make informed purchase decisions.

Post Results

The topics selected and written by Internet Soft generated a significant increase in traffic compared to previously written posts targeting more competitive topics. \DosMastres.com experienced a notable surge in organic traffic from Google, resulting in enhanced brand visibility and increased potential for conversions. The engaging articles created by Internet Soft’s copywriting team not only performed well in Google’s search listings but also provided daily fashion inspiration to DosMastres.com’s customers.


Through careful topic selection, analysis of search value, and consideration of editorial competition, Internet Soft successfully designed and implemented a Magento2 e-commerce solution for DosMastres.com. The collaboration resulted in increased organic traffic, improved brand visibility, and enhanced user engagement. Internet Soft’s expertise in Magento development and their ability to overcome challenges have solidified their position as a trusted partner for DosMastres.com in their pursuit of online marketing success.


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