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Designing an Ethereum Blockchain-Based Digital Horse Racing Platform for OmniHorse by Internet Soft
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Internet Soft, a San Francisco-based technology company specializing in blockchain solutions, was approached by OmniHorse, an innovative digital horse racing platform, to design and develop a blockchain-based infrastructure for their platform. OmniHorse aimed to revolutionize the horse racing industry by combining digital gaming, artificial intelligence (AI), and non-fungible token (NFT) technology to provide a unique and engaging experience for users. The goal of the project was to create a racehorse collections marketplace using Ethereum blockchain and ERC-1155 NFT standards.

Technical Stack

Technology Used

NFT, Blockchain-Ethereum, Laravel, MySQL

Team Size




Project Duration

1 Year

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Project Overview

The primary objective of the project was to develop a marketplace for racehorse NFTs, where users could buy, breed, and race AI-enhanced digital racehorses. The platform aimed to provide fractional ownership of real-world racehorses, with each horse tokenized into fractional NFTs represented by a single token ID. The NFT holders would earn rewards from race competitions, breeding, and other activities within the ecosystem.


Internet Soft collaborated with OmniHorse to design a blockchain-based digital horse racing platform that integrated AI, NFT technology, and Ethereum blockchain.

Internet Soft developed a 24/7 NFT marketplace for global horse ownership trading, with real-time pricing information and integrated professional horse price and exchange rate feeds.

Internet Soft ensured a seamless user experience by enabling MetaMask wallet integration and developing mobile-responsive designs for the platform, including support for mobile MetaMask App connection.

The platform allowed users to buy, breed, and race AI-enhanced digital racehorses represented as fractional NFTs.

NFT holders enjoyed benefits such as earning prize money from horse-racing events, accessing a private meta racehorse club, and participating in a vibrant community.

NFT Marketplace

Internet Soft developed a 24/7 NFT marketplace, facilitating global trading of horse ownership. The marketplace included a comprehensive database containing details of each horse, pricing information, trading history, and more. Internet Soft’s professional team integrated real-time and real-world horse prices and exchange rate feeds to ensure accurate valuation of the NFTs. The horse price calculation took into account various factors, such as the horse’s value, acquisition costs, prepaid expenses, and management fees.

NFT Marketplace Trade

Internet Soft implemented two methods for NFT trading: fixed-price sales and auctions. Buyers had the flexibility to choose the number of fractional NFTs they wanted to purchase. The price of the NFTs included a prepaid amount for the training and management of the horse for a specified period, typically two years. Additionally, new NFTs were issued annually as a subscription fee to cover the expenses associated with maintaining the racehorses.

NFT Holders

NFT holders enjoyed several benefits within the OmniHorse platform. They had full ownership rights for their NFTs, allowing them to redeem the racehorse in the real world. Furthermore, NFT holders received prize money from horse-racing events if their owned NFT horses won races or were used for breeding. They also gained access to a private meta racehorse club, providing exclusive content, including videos, pictures, training strategies, and live streaming of events and competitions. The club served as a forum for NFT holders to chat, vote, and enjoy the experience of virtual horse ownership.
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Connect to Wallet (Sign in/Sign Up)

Internet Soft ensured seamless integration of MetaMask wallets with the platform. Users were able to connect their MetaMask wallets to the system during the sign-in/sign-up process. To enhance user experience, Internet Soft also developed mobile-responsive designs for the website, enabling MetaMask dApp connection support on mobile devices.


Internet Soft played a crucial role in helping OmniHorse realize its vision of a cutting-edge digital horse racing platform. By leveraging Ethereum blockchain technology, ERC-1155 NFT standards, and advanced AI capabilities, Internet Soft successfully designed and developed a racehorse collections marketplace that enabled fractional ownership, global trading, and engaging user experiences. The collaboration between Internet Soft and OmniHorse resulted in a groundbreaking platform that appealed to younger audiences, revolutionizing the horseracing industry and delivering an unparalleled digital racing experience.


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