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Internet Soft, a software consulting company based in San Francisco, was approached by Quickall Blockchain to design a custom blockchain framework. Quickall Blockchain aimed to address the persistent issues of centralization, scalability, governance, KYC validation, token classification, and quantum computing threats in existing blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Ripple, Algorand, Cardano, Polkadot, Corda, and Solana.x

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Problem Statement

The web3 ecosystem faced challenges related to centralization, scalability, governance, KYC validation, token classification, and quantum computing threats. Existing blockchain platforms struggled to provide efficient solutions to these problems. Quickall Blockchain sought to develop a framework that could overcome these limitations


Internet Soft proposed a custom blockchain framework named Quickall Blockchain. The framework incorporated cutting-edge technologies, including AI, ML, and quantum computing concepts, to tackle the existing challenges.


Internet Soft collaborated with Quickall Blockchain to design a custom framework addressing centralization, scalability, governance, KYC validation, token classification, and quantum computing threats.

D-AFI leveraged fragmented knowledge for intelligent decision-making based on diverse perspectives.

Quickall Blockchain introduced PoMT, combining Proof of Stake, Reputation, and Intelligence for decentralized decision-making.

The framework enhanced scalability with sharding and parallel processing, enabling faster transaction processing.

It implemented decentralized Smart KYC processing and quantum resistant encryption for privacy, security, and protection against quantum computing threats.

Key Features

The key features of Quickall Blockchain are as follows:

Proof of Machine Trust (PoMT)

Quickall Blockchain introduced a new consensus mechanism called Proof of Machine Trust (PoMT). This mechanism combined Proof of Stake, Reputation, and Intelligence to ensure decentralized decision-making and trust within the network. PoMT empowered the blockchain to handle transactions and validate blocks efficiently.

Decentralized Artificial Fragmentary Intelligence (D-AFI)

To address the limitations of existing AI systems, Quickall Blockchain implemented Decentralized Artificial Fragmentary Intelligence (D-AFI). D-AFI leveraged the fragmented knowledge present in philosophical, ethical, moral, social, and religious approaches. It allowed the system to make intelligent decisions based on a broader range of perspectives.

Scalability Enhancement

Quickall Blockchain focused on enhancing scalability to accommodate a growing number of transactions. By utilizing advanced technologies like sharding and parallel processing, the framework enabled faster and more efficient transaction processing, overcoming the scalability challenges faced by traditional blockchain networks.

Decentralized Smart KYC Processing

The Quickall Blockchain framework integrated decentralized Smart KYC processing, which addressed the need for Know Your Customer (KYC) validation. By leveraging AI and ML algorithms, the framework streamlined the KYC process while maintaining user privacy and security.

Quantum Computing Threats

To mitigate the risks associated with quantum computing threats, Quickall Blockchain incorporated quantum-resistant encryption algorithms. These algorithms provided enhanced security against potential attacks from quantum computers, ensuring the longevity and reliability of the blockchain network.

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The collaboration between Internet Soft and Quickall Blockchain resulted in the successful development of a custom blockchain framework that addressed the persistent challenges faced by existing blockchain networks. The key outcomes achieved through the implementation of Quickall Blockchain were:


Quickall Blockchain ensured a more decentralized network, reducing the concentration of power and improving overall network security.

Smart KYC Processing

The integration of decentralized Smart KYC processing enhanced the efficiency and accuracy of user identification processes, promoting regulatory compliance without compromising privacy.


The framework's innovative approach to scalability allowed for faster transaction processing and improved network throughput, enabling a higher number of transactions per second.

Quantum Computing Resistance

By implementing quantum-resistant encryption algorithms, Quickall Blockchain effectively addressed the emerging threat of quantum computing, safeguarding the network against potential security breaches.


Internet Soft’s collaboration with Quickall Blockchain resulted in the successful design and implementation of a custom blockchain framework that tackled the persistent challenges faced by existing blockchain networks. The Quickall Blockchain framework, powered by concepts of AI, ML, and quantum computing, offered decentralized decision-making, enhanced scalability, decentralized Smart KYC processing, and quantum computing resistance. This case study highlights Internet Soft’s expertise in software consulting and its ability to provide innovative solutions to complex technological challenges in the blockchain industry.


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