Top 10 Benefits of Using React Native For Mobile App Development

Top 10 Benefits of Using React Native For Mobile App Development

In today’s world of fast lifestyle and hectic work environment, everyone expects every required information at their fingertips. Mobile is the only handy device with net connectivity.

Today, every business and developers team wants tools that will incur a low budget and short time for development, must exhibit the highest expected performance, friendly end-user interface, and decent end-user experience followed by less maintenance. To have all these benefits, ‘React Native’ is the only option for grabbing all these benefits.
In this article, we will throw light on why to prefer ‘React Native’ as a number one tool for your mobile app development needs.

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What is React Native?

It is a JavaScript framework useful across many cross-platforms with a single codebase. Facebook was invented and released to the public in 2015. This was exclusively for Mobile App Development.

The use of the React Native framework has increased continuously for the last 3 to 5 years.

Major Benefits of Using React Native

Let us elaborate on the major benefits of using React Native here.

1) Low Development Time and Price

The main advantage of using React Native is it is a single codebase usable for multiple platforms. The main code is in JavaScript. It is reusable between iOS and Android development, both platforms for 70%. The iOS device users are less in numbers but profitability is more than Android platform users.

Here are some other additional React Native libraries, which allow multiple platforms for a single codebase.

React Native for Web: supports for development of app versions for iOS, Android, and web

React-Native-windows: applicable for all devices on Windows 10 (tablet, PC, Xbox, mixed reality devices, etc.)

ReactXp: compatible on iOS, Android, web, and Windows 10

To create a native app version, we need a 5 to 10 times bigger budget than React Native’s multiple platform app development facility.

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2 ) Fast Coding

A developer can make fast changes in the code. He need not have to rebuild the application every time he edits the code. The React native framework gives the facility to render upon file saving by the developer. React Native has a safe environment with a recovery feature. No threat of losing any element during rebuilding or editing of the code.No threat such as breaking the app.These features have made React Native more popular among developers over the years.

3) Reusable Component

Many mobile applications consume high branding elements. This feature is more well addressed in React Native-based apps than in Native. Design elements are quickly usable and equally good for both iOS and Android versions.

4) Auto Updation Facilities

The JS part of the app is applicable to the auto-updation facility. One need not do frequent manual updates. The automatic updation process waives any past version limitations or errors. But for the Native part, one needs regular updates by manual process. This is applicable for both platforms – iOS and Android.

5) Flexible Cross-Device User Experience

React Native has flexible and supportive layout engines, which are compatible with every possible Android device. Every Android device may have a different screen size or screen resolution. React Native takes care of this. It is also compatible with HD graphics and all device sizes.

Top 10 Benefits of Using React Native For Mobile App Development

6) Supports TypeScript

It supports TypeScript, which means statically-based programming languages. Apps based on these types of languages have low levels of maintenance and easy and transparent support is required. A template-based simple App in iOS and Android is feasible with React Native.

7) Minimal Testing

React native is multiple platform friendly – for both iOS and Android. It reduces up to 50% less testing. As for the same App in React native for iOS and Android platforms, with the same logic and UI, one needs to test less with fewer bugs. Jest, Detox, Jasmine, Karma, and Appium are some of the reputed testing tools for the React Native framework.

8) Freedom for Developers

Depending upon customer app requirements and business requirements, React Native Developers have multiple choices to work on. They can use their own UI libraries or refer to many available libraries for customization as per needs. Developers can choose any toolset for the development project. it may be in TypeScript or JavaScript etc. This level of flexibility for platform and toolset selection makes the developer’s life easy.

9) Similar Appearance with Native

React native does not imitate browser-like experiences like Titanium or others. React Native APIs simply substitute the Native kind of App experience. Tabs and scrolling are allowed. The user interface functions the same as that of a classic mobile app. This platform is the right solution for those projects, where speed and performance are mandatory and preferred with very low complexity.

10) Resourceful Community

React Native has many frameworks, tutorials, and libraries to use and refer to. From a high class of these resources, we can easily hire React Native developers Teams for our mobile App project.

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Wrapping Up

From the above remarkable benefits of React Native,we can prefer it for mobile app development projects in iOS and Android platforms.We can say that, we can use React Native for building mobile apps where standard UI is required, B2b business apps are needed, and where MVP (Minimum Viable Product) or PoC (Proof of Concept) type of project model in less time is expected.

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