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The Power of Regression Testing in Quality Assurance

Testing software is nothing but the quality assurance of the software. It should follow all safety, security, and functionality criteria required by the code structure. Good software runs smoothly without any bugs or errors in the code. Testing tracks and raises alerts about flaws in the code before they develop to a larger extent. 

Regression Testing helps prevent software development code from complete damage. It checks and tests complete code for bugs. Regression testing safeguards the entire code of the application (software) from getting damaged. It works like a damage controller for a fully constructed building. 

Internet Soft, a leading software development company in California, has a great talent pool with proper skills and experience in Regression testing. Internet Soft uses regression testing for many projects based on heavy and complex source codes.

Let us discuss the deep insights of Regression Testing and its power in the world of Quality Assurance for software.

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Regression testing takes care of both – functional and non-functional tests for the entire source code. It gives assurance for the proper functioning of the main source code even though addition, updation, or extension of the code occurs. 

The general scenario is that one code module gets affected by the change in another code module. This happens due to interconnection to each other with functionality. To cure this, Quality Assurance engineers conduct a series of automated regression test cases, whenever new logic or feature is included in the source code. This raises test efficiency and removes conflicts. 

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Data Insight:

As per the report of CISQ research, US companies are bearing losses of about $2.08 trillion per year due to poor-performing software. 

Proper and stable regression testing for software development is a must. 

Regression testing is crucial whenever any new feature is added to the existing source code. If any bug like a User login issue upon a new feature is added, that time regression testing comes into the picture. It tracks and removes the bug before it becomes a major error. So that, there will be no accidental damage to the code. 

Let us get familiar with the unmatched benefits of Regression testing here:

  1. It grabs errors in the early stages of development and avoids exaggerating them into bigger issues.
  2. It retains functionalities even after new changes are made.
  3. Early fixes save money and time on repairing them after final releases.
  4. It enriches the user experience by allotting reliability.
  5. It upgrades/boosts the code adaptability and scalability.

How can Internet Soft help you?

Internet Soft implements all techniques and strategies of Regression testing. We are aware of the Regression testing feature. It is not a generic, but a customised type of approach required to carry out the Regression test technique on different codes and contexts. 

With Internet Soft you can leverage different types of regression testing as per your requirements. There are several types of Regression testing and procedures.

1) Unit Regression testing 

These are the smallest parts of the software code, normally the addition of a small function or method in the source code. 

Internet Soft’s team does unit regression testing with expertise to boost the reliability of the code before it gets inside the entire code system. This becomes an agile process. Due to this, the debugging process is streamlined with easy documentation and time-saving.

2)  Partial Regression Tests

In case some specific modules are updated or changes are made to them, our team carries out this type of Regression testing. The objective behind this type of testing is the time saving over full Regression testing and we use it to separate defined modules.

3) Full Regression Tests

Our testers test fully completed software for its complete capabilities and features with interdependent modules. This type of testing is conducted during subsequent releases and after the final assessment. The purpose of this testing is to test the entire software and help identify the main issues between interlinked modules.

4) Progressive Regression Tests

We use this in case of the addition of new features and any impact or error creation in the existing functionalities. Our testers create new test cases to test the entire code in this. This type of testing is useful in Automated testing, as well. The purpose is to reduce testing time, protect the current codebase, and smooth integration of interdependency of new functionalities.

Internet Soft uses Regression testing

Re-test all Regression tests for code stability, especially after basic changes are done in the foundational elements of the code structure. 

Below are some more types of Regression testing.

  1. Corrective & Selective Regression testing 

Internet Soft uses Regression testing in both above-mentioned types. 

As the name suggests, corrective testing is the code testing bugs within the existing code and functionalities. Its purpose is crystal clear. They are essential for assurance of fixes done to the code and that no effect or impact gets developed during the correction process.

On the other hand, selective is a selection of subsets of test cases, many times some parts or units of a big code structure/ codebase. It is used in case of some timeline boundedness and quick testing of some specific code or functionalities needs to be tested. The purpose is specific testing after some specific changes.

Automated Regression Testing

As the code of the software with bigger functionalities goes on exceeding the scope and size, manual testing and its methods become limited. In this case, we need to use and apply Automation Regression testing in such cases. It is useful for complex and User-focused codes. Automated Regression testing is more effective, error-free, and easy to use in less time and labor on all complex code structures with scalable functionalities.

Automation Regression testing has below merits:

  1. Efficiency in Time: 
  2. Consistency and Accuracy:
  3. Scalability: 
  4. Integration with Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery

Some major and popular Tools of Automation Regression testing are as follows:

  1. Selenium
  2. QTP (Quick Test Professional)

  3. Ranorex

  4. TestComplete

Banking Software, Mobile Apps and E-commerce platforms with Automotive Software are some of the real-time examples of Regression testing.

Some major and popular Tools of Automation Regression testing - Internet Soft

Why Choose Internet Soft for Software Testing?

As a software testing company, We provide Automation and Software Testing with the below features, making us the best available resource in the Software testing service segment:

  1. Software testing with all the latest tools available 
  2. ISTQB and Cisco Certified Software testers with Manual and Automation testing expertise
  3. Wide Test cases are provided in every Software development project
  4. In-depth Software testing documentation. 
  5. Provide trending Testing techniques with required Integration testing 
  6. More than a decade of experience in software testing services.
  7. Proficiency in using 45+ diverse QA tools and techniques.
  8. Expertise spread across 30+ key industries and domains.
  9. Achieved track record of 700+ successful projects.
  10. The drastic decline in time-to-market by a minimum of 23%.
  11. Remarkable reduction in total testing costs by up to 40%

At Internet Soft, a leading software testing company in California, we believe in offering bug-free, smooth-quality software to your end customers with strategic QA testing plans and procedures.To know more, visit our website.

Summing Up…!

Regression testing is part of a comprehensive QA strategy to check that existing and new software features are in place. By adopting a properly planned QA strategy with the execution of Regression testing procedures on time, any organization can save their labor costing, time, and efforts marginally. This remarkable approach helps directly in revitalizing software product quality. 

The importance of QA testing highlights its need for developing a bug-free development process of any larger and complex size.

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