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Smart Contract Auditing: Ensure Security and Compliance for your Applications

Amid the rising trust issues in the digital world, businesses have started utilizing smart contract development services to enhance the security quotient. However, a small error while writing and deploying smart contracts can result in huge financial losses. This is where the concept of smart contracts security audit comes into the picture.
At Internet Soft, our Blockchain experts harness their experience and expertise to audit smart contracts for existing and potential errors, security flaws, compilation issues, and more to ensure the quality of the code.

Facts & Statistics: Why do you Need Smart Contract Security Audit Services?

  • 48 major attacks were monitored in the Web3 space, with total losses of approximately $718.34 million in the second quarter of 2022.
  • By project type, DeFi continues to have the greatest rekt frequency and approximately 79.2% of attacks occur in the DeFi domain.
  • By chain, the greatest loss in the second quarter was on Ethereum, $381.35 million. The most frequently attacked chain was the BNB Chain, with 26 exploits.
  • Only 52% of the attacked projects were audited.
Such statistics make a very sound case for crypto giants to get smart contract security audit services from a trusted smart contract audit firm. Get your Smart Contracts Audited Conveniently

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Our Smart Contract Security Audit Services

Being a reputed smart contract audit company, Internet Soft offers end-to-end smart contract security audit services to help businesses of all sizes launch highly secure and error-free Blockchain applications.

Smart Contract Audit

We follow advanced smart contract security audit practices to help you bring security to your Blockchain application so that you can save your money and time in the long run. We regularly scan smart contract code to help you maintain the security of your Blockchain application at the best smart contract audit price.

Complete Security Assessment

Our smart contract auditors monitor your application for watertight implementation of their business logic and ensure to execute industry-grade security mechanisms. We thoroughly monitor and review every bit of code to find all possible ambiguities that cyberattacks might exploit.

Threat Modeling

We help our clients identify security requirements & entry points for potential hacks, quantify threat and vulnerability criticality, visualize the project’s attack surface, and update the threat model for risks that may evolve in the future.

Comprehensive Audit Reports Creation

We prepare comprehensive audit reports that comprise vulnerability details with specific reference to relevant portions of your application. Our smart contract auditors prepare a detailed executive summary of the project along with mitigation guidance after a deep smart contract security audit.

Enterprise Security Counseling

Our skilled team of smart contract security audit experts backs enterprises at all stages of the Blockchain development lifecycle with a full suite of services such as smart contract security auditing, smart contract testing, scheduled auto scans, and many more.

Type of Projects That Need Security Audit

Whether it’s about performing Metaverse smart contract audit or DApp smart contract audit, our ingenious audit practices coupled with thorough review from our subject matter experts ensure that your project is high on security and performance.

DeFi Smart Contract Audit

We provide DeFi smart contract security audit services for DeFi projects that are expected to handle a huge amount of players or transactions worth millions of dollars.

dApp Smart Contract Audit

Internet Soft specializes in securing complex dApp codebases and delivering permissionless, secure, and immutable decentralized applications.

NFT Smart Contract Audit

Our committed team of NFT smart contract audit experts ensures that your funds are safe and you get the required NFT verification stamp.

ICO Smart Contract Audit

Our experts perform ICO smart contract audit to make sure that the soft cap, hard cap, and other functionalities remain unaffected after the token sale.

Decentralized Application Audit

Apart from auditing the Blockchain side of the application, we have experts for auditing the front end and the back end of any decentralized application.

Blockchain Protocol Audit

We provide Blockchain protocol audit services to ensure that your protocol is more secure and resistant to real-world cyber attacks.

Smart Contract Development on Various Blockchain Platforms

Whether it’s TRON or Hyperledger, our multidisciplinary team is capable of developing and deploying smart contracts on renowned Blockchain networks.

Ethereum Smart Contract Development

We create a harmonious trifecta of technical prowess, intelligent strategies and design-thinking-driven process to deliver Ethereum smart contract development solutions.

TRON Smart Contract Development

We provide TRON smart contract development services to help our clients create efficient & scalable decentralized solutions.

Hyperledger Smart Contract Development

Our experienced developers work dedicatedly to provide enterprises with secure Hyperledger smart contract development services as per their requirements.

Binance Smart Contract Development

We deliver BSC smart contracts with a primary degree of precision and highly automated asset management for the optimal use of participants seeking Binance smart contract development services.

EOS Smart Contract Development

We create smart contracts on EOS to support new-age dApps development that can perform the intended function as per the users’ requirements.

Polkadot Smart Contract Development

We design powerful smart contracts on Polkadot Blockchain by leveraging the interoperability capabilities of the platform.

Why Choose us as your Substrate Blockchain Development Company

By partnering with Internet Soft, you can rely on a team of technical experts with real-world experience delivering end-to-end blockchain services.

Expert Review

Our experienced security auditors and Blockchain engineers work together to check your code for any kind of errors while eliminating the same from the scratch.

Post-launch Support

Internet Soft also delivers post-launch audit services to provide its clients with the best experience even after the launch of their smart contract application.

Agile Development Process

The company implements an agile development approach to provide on-time delivery of smart contract audit projects.

Confidentiality Agreement

The company signs a confidentiality agreement with its clients to prevent the release of any information and ideas related to the project.

Multidisciplinary Team

We have 500+ experts who help you refine your offering, suggest the best tech approach, and even help set up communities and campaigns.

Facts & Questions

The cost of performing smart contract security audits depends on factors such as the size of the project, the type of Blockchain platform, the number of people involved in the auditing process, and the process to be followed by the team.
The estimated time for an Ethereum smart contract security audit depends on the project size and complexity, team size, tools & technologies used, and more.
Performing smart contract security audits on an application is important to prevent it from cyber-attacks, eliminate post-deployment errors, remove compilation issues, and save developers’ time.
You can get smart contract security audit services as per your business requirements from an experienced and renowned smart contract audit firm.
The following are some benefits of getting your smart contract audited from a trusted auditing agency:  
  • Eliminates post-deployment errors 
  • Prevents cyber attacks
  • Saves developers’ time

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