Internet Soft and MagTek Revolutionize Restaurant POS Systems with Innovative Collaboration

JUN 13, 2022

Source : Internet Soft

Internet Soft, a leading software development company, has partnered with MagTek, a global leader in payment technology, to create a game-changing restaurant Point of Sale (POS) system. This collaboration brings together Internet Soft’s expertise in software development and MagTek’s cutting-edge Magensa payment gateway technology to deliver a secure, efficient, and seamless payment experience for the food service industry. The Internet Soft Restaurant POS system, powered by MagTek’s Magensa technology, introduces a new era of POS solutions for restaurants. This advanced system ensures secure payment processing, seamless integration with existing operations, support for mobile and online ordering, and comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities.
“Our collaboration with MagTek represents a significant milestone in transforming restaurant POS systems,” said Rohan Patange, CEO of Internet Soft. “We are dedicated to helping restaurants streamline their operations, increase revenue, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. By combining our software development expertise with MagTek’s innovative payment technology, we have developed a solution tailored to the specific needs of the food service sector.”
“We are excited to work with Internet Soft in revolutionizing the restaurant POS landscape,” said Jane Thompson, Vice President of MagTek. “MagTek’s Magensa technology ensures secure and efficient payment processing, while Internet Soft’s expertise in software development brings a comprehensive and user-friendly solution to the market. Together, we empower restaurants to enhance their operations and deliver exceptional customer experiences.”
The Internet Soft Restaurant POS system powered by MagTek’s Magensa technology is now available to restaurants seeking to modernize their payment processing capabilities. For more information or to request a demo, please visit []

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About Internet Soft:
Internet Soft is a leading software development company, specializing in creating innovative solutions for various industries. Their software applications optimize business processes and enhance customer experiences through cutting-edge technology and user-centric design.
About MagTek:
MagTek is a global leader in payment technology, trusted by businesses worldwide for over four decades. They provide secure and reliable payment solutions that meet the highest security standards, enabling organizations across industries to enhance their operations.