AI-based Medical Care Solution

AI-based Medical Care Solution

Medical App Development

An intelligent product for Healthcare Industry, it performs text analytics on the patient data.


Our team has successfully developed an AI-powered medical care solution for a prominent healthcare organization. This innovative solution has been installed in their hospitals and is being utilized by doctors to extract crucial drug-related information from patients’ profiles. Additionally, it enables doctors to predict the potential side effects of new or existing medications. By leveraging this solution, medical practitioners can proactively prevent potential drug allergies or adverse reactions, ensuring the well-being of their patients.

Technical Stack

Front end

React js, Javascript/CSS HTML


Node, Express js

PMS and Communication Tool


AWS Service Stack

AWS Lamda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, Appsync

AWS ML Stack

OCR,Tensorflow API, Python, Amazon Comprehend, Amazon Extract, Advanced ML algorithms for data mining, AI-based text analytics


Based on our consultation with the client, we have identified several significant challenges: · In addition to developing the application based on the service module, we integrated several features that enhance user experience, including a user-friendly interface and a secure payment gateway. These features provide benefits to both the customers and the client, ensuring a seamless and secure interaction between the two parties.


We have developed the following solutions and capabilities to address the challenges mentioned:


Our AI-based medical care solution has been successfully implemented and is currently in use. This solution incorporates an alert system that notifies doctors when a newly prescribed drug presents a potential risk of allergy based on the patient’s medical history. This proactive approach enables doctors to prevent drug allergies and related complications in their patients.

The solution operates dynamically and offers extensibility, allowing for future enhancements and additional functionalities as desired by the client. The client has expressed great satisfaction with the solution’s performance, as reported by medical staff who have observed a remarkable 60% decrease in drug allergies among patients since its deployment.
Furthermore, the integrated OCR system has significantly reduced the time spent by hospital staff on document processing, leading to notable operational benefits. This time-saving functionality has resulted in a daily cost savings of $1000 for the healthcare group, amounting to approximately $1.08 million over a three-year period.

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