Encompass-CX (Client customer Relationship Management)


Encompass-CX is a holistic client experience platform that focuses on evaluating and improving overall customer satisfaction. This platform utilizes relationship surveys and customer metrics to gather and analyze feedback, enabling businesses to identify individuals with positive or negative experiences within each account. The valuable insights gathered are then delivered to the relevant teams through mobile or desktop devices, empowering them to take prompt and targeted actions.
In addition to measuring customer satisfaction, Encompass-CX offers a robust tracking system to ensure the collected data is effectively utilized. This system ensures that businesses can track and monitor the implementation of actions based on customer feedback, ultimately leading to improved overall performance and customer experience.

Technical Stack


Salesforce Integration

CRM management

Client management Algorithm creation

Dynamic searches with filteration

Objective and Implementations

Managing Extensive Data and Optimizing System Performance

We have implemented effective data management strategies to handle large volumes of data and optimize system performance. This includes conducting code reviews, refactoring code where necessary, and implementing caching techniques to improve system responsiveness and efficiency.

Customized Credit Score Calculations and Comprehensive Reporting

We have developed tailored credit score algorithms that can be customized to meet specific business requirements. This allows for accurate and personalized credit score calculations. Additionally, we have enhanced the reporting capabilities to provide comprehensive and insightful reports, enabling businesses to make informed decisions based on the credit score data.

Core Features


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