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Big Data Analytics Solutions

Today, businesses have multiple sources to cultivate customer data, right from product data to marketing automation platforms and advertising platforms to sales department data. With the help of insightful customer analytics, your business can continue serving existing customers by building strong relations and preventing attrition through the right product offerings and using the right tactics and channels.
Our customer analytics experts use advanced data analytics, such as RFM analysis and churn analysis, to help you leverage your data’s true potential to make crucial business decisions with our data management and analytics services solutions.

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Data Analytics Services and Solutions

Big Data Analytics

Through cross-channel integration and with the right set of tools as well technologies, precisely know about the behavior of your customers and operational processes to prevent from frauds and risk management to achieve your business goals!

Data Management

The only solution to this uncontrollable expansion in the amount of data is data management! Be rest assured as our data analytics experts can help you take charge of data goverance, quality management, data migration, and integration of filtered data at your persual.

Predictive Analytics

Based on your past data our predictive analysis expert team will forecast the future scenario of your business! So you can alert for the expected risks, halt fraud transactions, identify the opportunities, and take decisions accordingly to improve your business's future value.

Data Visualization and Reporting

An organized and structured data can be utilized effectively only if its representation is smartly and creatively done. Hire data analytics experts from us to transfer your raw data into charts, infographics, and heat maps, so you can uncover relevant knowledge and predictions for the upcoming business processes.

Data Migration and Integration

We can help you upgrade your legacy system of data storage and migration to a new automated digital transformation system with our expert data migration experts' help. We ensure interruption-free data migration and smooth execution of the business processes, performance, and security!

Architecture Assessment and Advisory

Our experts are willingly ready to lend a helping hand to assist you right from analyzing your existing business system to its shortfalls, to design cloud-based infrastructure, implementation, and maintenance. We would also like to guide you in analyzing the risk in the current system and how to work upon it.

Case Studies

Explore how Internet Soft as a software development company has shaped businesses by offering
innovative and technology driven software solutions. 

Client relationship management


Encompass-CX is a holistic client experience platform that focuses on evaluating and improving overall customer satisfaction.

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Our team has successfully developed an AI-powered medical care solution for a prominent healthcare organization.

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We specialize in developing customized and sophisticated blockchain-based applications to cater to your business needs

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NatWest Online is the internet banking platform offered by NatWest, a prominent retail and commercial bank based in the United Kingdom.

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