Application Support


With our Application Maintenance and Support, we will provide you with a subscription-based solution that’s predictable in cost, gives you access to a highly capable technical team, and capacity to maintain the applications that drive your business.

Application Maintenance and Support

Analysts address break-fix tickets, troubleshooting, service requests, modifications, configuration and build activities, and more. We offer a full range of support solutions, from an initial Support Model Assessment, to staff augmentation, to Tier 2/3 application support, to fully outsourced Help Desk Services. We have exceptional response times, resolving incidents quickly so your users can get back to work.

Application Performance Management and Monitoring

Our experts ensure your enterprise applications are running efficiently. We continuously monitor performance metrics to proactively identify issues and implement bug fixes before they become disruptive to your business and end users.

Application Upgrades and Optimization

Each application requires various upgrades: major releases, interim updates, and other small package updates—each with a discrete fix to address a critical issue. Internet Soft assists with upgrade review, assignment, tracking release note review, and testing progress. We also help ensure your applications met your business needs and consistently provide value with optimization services.

Special Projects

We provide the flexibility necessary to meet all of your unique needs—from delivery of discrete assigned tasks, to managing and executing all aspects of a project with managed services.

Is your organization struggling with any of these application management issues?


Productivity challenges
Process breakdowns
Frequent service interruption
Lack of automation
High recruitment/retention costs
Internal staff needed for migration to a new technology
Systems are written in old technology
Subject Matter Experts are quickly approaching retirement
Insufficient cross-training/succession planning
Change, access, and service/project requests
Problem management
Network and storage capacity monitoring
Recurring issues/reopened tickets
Root cause identification
High response/resolution times
Ticket backlog
Poor quality
Data migration