The COVID-19 crisis has severely affected the American outsourcing market. Still, Development opportunities are very promising for software development Companies. The pandemic has led to a digital transformation, stimulating demand for IT-solutions. Many companies do not have the knowledge and skills to develop these tools. We thus expect the need for reliable outsourcing partners to increase drastically.

Lockdown highlights extensive need for software development services.

On a global scale, COVID-19 has disrupted business. Outsourcing providers have also been affected. During the pandemic, CBI published a study on how to respond to COVID-19 in the IT and Business Process Outsourcing sector. The study showed clients cancelling non-essential services. Clients also moved their outsourced tasks back in-house. Some even put their software development projects on hold. During a recent webinar, most of participants from developing countries said that their business was negatively affected by the crisis. Still some reported a positive effect.

Once the Pandemic situation slows down the demand for software development services is expected to increase. Situation has emphasized the benefits of IT-solutions for internal business processes and for engaging with clients. Companies are now very much aware that pandemics could happen again. They are aware of the effect this would have on their business.

Businesses are starting to realize that IT outsourcing can make them more flexible and stronger in difficult times only if it’s done properly. In recent survey the companies that are currently not utilizing offshoring services now intend to consider outsourcing IT and development as a result of COVID-19. Remote working is blurring the distinction between in-house, nearshore and offshore teams. This could create new opportunities for software developers from developing countries.

This digital transformation now requires advanced software solutions.

New circumstances caused by COVID-19 have created opportunities for software development services. Businesses that are transforming digitally would now provide most opportunities for developers. Companies are moving into the cloud quicker and need tailor-made solutions to do so. As working from home is becoming widely accepted, staff need remote access to their files and programs. Retailers need web shops and apps now that their customers have become used to online shopping.

All these software solutions require developers with high-level skills and knowledge. Developers also need to have a lot of experience and deliver solutions quickly for this information security and quality are extremely important.