#1. Online Publisher

Global internet use has grown a lot. And it’s not slowing down, as almost a million new users sign on every day. One way to take advantage of this situation is to start a blog.

Blogs are wildly popular and can be a lucrative business. Many bloggers hire content writers to produce content. There’s no limit to what a blog can cover, which means there are no rules about how big it can become.

#2. Content Agency

As we saw above blog writing can be grown as a successful business. And when your blog grows huge, you may find less time writing and since now you are focusing on various aspects of the business. For some people that’s great who love writing and also love the business side of things. For other people, it might be opposite. Unfortunately, the reality is that it’s difficult to make a blog profitable if the only thing you’re interested in doing is writing. Here comes a profitable alternative. You can start an agency and produce content for other people’s publications. When you start a content agency, you lead a team of creators who produce content for clients.

#3. Digital Marketing Firm

As more businesses now use internet to sell their products and services, the demand for digital marketing is increasing extensively.

Since there are numerous niche skills within the field. You can try to master them all on your own, but you can also build a team of people who are experts in one or two skills and then offer a complete package of high-level services to your clients.

Digital Marketing involves 7 Specialization Skills:

Sales funnels: writing and organizing content that turns prospects into paying customers.

Content marketing strategy: producing and promoting content that helps brands build their profile.

Search engine optimization (SEO): optimizing content so that it performs well on Google.

Email marketing: writing great emails that drive action, and targeting them to the right people.

Digital advertising: buying targeted ads on Google and other online platforms.

Social media marketing: buying micro-targeted ads on platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Web analytics: reading and interpreting traffic trends to help clients better understand their website visitors and customers.

#4. Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is one of the most profitable business to start two years in a row. Since more people leave the traditional jobs to start their own businesses there’s more demand for part-time bookkeeping services. Think about it like this: if you start a blog or a content agency, will you know how to properly monitor and account for your revenue and expenses. So, Bookkeeping would be one of the most profitable business in 2020

#5. E-Commerce Company

As you know internet shopping has extensively increased these past years. These days, people buy literally buy everything online. That makes E-Shopping or Ecommerce a premier online business.