PancakeSwap Like Dex Development

As a leading Token Development Company, Internet Soft lets you navigate your token development journey through building a new blockchain from the beginning.


Benefits of Internet Soft’s DEX Platform

Tracking of transactions

Internet Soft’s transaction tracking system has the ability to track transactions in seconds, increasing market monitoring at ease. Internet Soft’s transaction tracking system has the ability to track transactions in seconds, increasing market monitoring at ease.

NFT marketplace

Internet Soft’s  decentralized exchange platform is highly compatible, as it accepts non-fungible tokens for trading purposes, and it functions as an NFT marketplace.


Our stalking protocol at Internet Soft generates high rewards in the account and promotes the flow of passive income to the account of the users.

Wallet Integration

Our DEX like PancakeSwap development platform at Internet Soft supports a range of high-quality digital wallets for smooth swapping and trading.

Flexible Payment Method

Internet Soft’s  platform is integrated with an advanced payment gateway feature that allows users to gain high flexibility.

We at Internet Soft have the required knowledge to develop decentralized finance exchanges and are also capable of building them on different blockchain platforms like Binance Smart Chain, TRON, EOS, and Ethereum.

Our product team at Internet Soft is equipped with the right skills to deliver the best DEX like pancake swap.

We at Internet Soft can provide you with smart contracts that are operated by the user’s customization.

You can trust our years of expertise in this very financial sector. So, that makes us the market leaders. Currently, Internet Soft is working on several projects. Thus, users can trust us with development projects on DEXs likePancake swap.

Emerging Blockchain Solutions by Internet Soft

Blockchain Empowers Businesses and Each Blockchain Journey is Unique

Private Blockchain Networks

Private blockchain networks are best suited for such transactions as only authorized users can operate the network. We have a great team to help you improve and connect your business activity to the private blockchain.


dApps enforce contracts and agreements using solid code and a layer of computers. Decentralized nature provides a means to build a strong peer-to-peer decentralized application. We build decentralized applications that are immune to the single point of failure and thus increase the reliability.

Crypto Wallets

Cryptocurrency wallets have become an integral part of the crypto industry and enable users to store their digital assets securely. We are always striving for the highest goal achievement and delivering amazing results all the time, creating numerous high-end crypto products.

Asset Tokenization Platforms

Asset tokenization can build new business and social models, such as share ownership of the property itself or of existing rights. We have helped many businesses to explore new ways of making asset tokenization ensuring the legal compliance of securities tokens.

Blockchain-Based Marketplaces

DAOs are more accessible than companies as a broad community of people work together on DAO in an autonomous way. We are building strong dApps like crypto wallets so that DAO users can find and access DAO trading. With dApps, users can engage in many activities in an autonomous way.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

The cryptocurrency exchange platform provides the opportunity of trading with a wide range of people & traders, as the cryptocurrency transactions take place directly between individuals and help traders to trade with other people all over the world. We provide various crypto exchange development solutions with key functionalities that will enable protection, quick, and effect.

Facts & Questions

What are the benefits of working with Internet Soft for PancakeSwap Development?

We at Internet Soft have the expertise to develop suburbanized exchanges on altogether different blockchain platforms like Binance wise Chain, TRON, EOS, Ethereum, etc. Our development team at Internet Soft has the specified skills and information to develop a suburbanized exchange platform like PancakeSwap for the purchasers.

How to start with PancakeSwap exchange?

You must first link your wallet to PancakeSwap. Tap "Link" and then select "Trusted Wallet". Once connected, the "Attach" button will display a snippet of your wallet address. How to connect your wallet with PancakeSwap. Contact us at Internet Soft to start with your PancakeSwap exchange.

How to choose the best DeFi Development Company?

Internet Soft is one of the best PancakeSwap Development companies on account of the below-mentioned virtues: Quality service, Timely delivery, experienced professionals, Communication support – 24/7, Affordable cost.