What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Dynamics 365 is a cloud-enabled product offering that combines CRM (front-office) and ERP (back-office) capabilities. It is a set of interconnected, modular Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications and services.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides up-to-date analytics. It is Easy to Use and Deploy, highly customizable, enhances Customer Service Experience along with Increased Productivity. 

Benefits of using microsoft dynamics 365


Dynamics 365 has great potential for configuration and quick and moderately priced customization. It offers a development platform, which allows creating applications or extending the functionality of Dynamics 365 apps to meet specific business needs.

Integration capabilities

Dynamics 365 modules can seamlessly integrate with any Microsoft tool of your choice, from Power BI and Office 365 to Microsoft Azure’s services for IoT, blockchain, machine learning solutions.

Moderate pricing 

Microsoft offers competitive Dynamics 365 pricing plans for each market segment, lowering the costs depending on the number of purchased products.

Why choose Internet Soft for Microsoft Dynamics 365 

Internet Soft’s implementation team is more than a group of technical consultants. They have deep industry and technology experience and are able to offer a unique perspective on how best to implement and utilize Microsoft Dynamics 365—so that it works optimally for your organization’s specific needs.

One of the greatest benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is its ability to seamlessly integrate with the entire Microsoft platform. We at Internet Soft ensure all your integrations run smoothly—so that you can be up and running fast, without missing a beat. 

When you partner with Internet Soft for your D365 needs, you get a dedicated training team that works collaboratively, at your location, to ensure you always receive the latest Microsoft content and updates throughout the entire implementation process.

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How Much Dynamics 365 Will Cost You?

Get in touch with us at Internet Soft, and one of our experts will talk you through and give you an estimate based on an analysis of your precise requirements and customisability.

Internet Soft is ready to provide you with a cost estimate of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution!