Internet Soft teams are busy creating innovative, wholesome METAVERSE projects creating beautiful spaces for training, events, visuals, planning, and collaboration. 


What is Metaverse?

"Metaverse" is a combination of the prefix "meta," which means "beyond," and "universe." The Metaverse, therefore, is a world beyond the universe. Another part of the earth, in a metaphorical sense. In Metaverse, visual lands, avatars, and even buildings can be purchased and sold. In these visible areas, people can move freely with their friends, attend events, buy goods and services, and do the same things they can in the real world, usually done using cryptocurrencies.

It's a combination of numerous technology components, including Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and video, where people "live" inside a digital universe.

Metaverse Development Services

Gaming Metaverse

The gaming industry is welcoming Metaverse technology better than any other industry. We create and present a metaverse of attractive gaming consoles by combining 3D visual effects, 'play-to-earn' games with NFTs minting and trading, live game streaming, value exchange with cryptos, and much more.

3D Spaces

We refer to local knowledge when we speak of extended reality (MR / VR / AR). This includes 3D models, audio, and other multimedia that can be put in place. The first step is to make real 3D objects to make this happen.

NFT Marketplace

We are not only fully developing NFT, but also developing a marketplace where NFTs can be successfully traded. Choose our White label NFT Marketplace development solutions, which are fully functional, denoting that the solutions are set to launch.

Decentralized Platforms

We create user-centric decentralized platforms exclusively for trading & gaming. The experts in our team are committed to providing excellent UI / UX designs with classy frontend and backend functionalities.

Integration Services

We provide integration services to help improve the features and functionality of your Metaverse, and improve it to give a more in-depth user experience. 

Metaspace Marketing

We understand the need for youth in the metaspace marketing approach. Whether it is about awareness, or defining ideas or setting up a platform as a solution, we help set your Metaverse as a virtual platform for the future for new experiences.

Social Media Platform

Metaverse can empower relationships through activities rather than sharing images and news links. We can help you navigate the next wave of social media by providing you with a metaverse-powered ecosystem.

E-commerce Platform

Metaverse is ready to change the status of the purchase. We can help e-commerce businesses be part of this change. We provide metaverse-driven e-commerce forums where your users can try and purchase products.

Real Estate Platform 

Metaverse has the power to transform almost every industry, including real estate. We can help you establish a real estate empire where your users can buy, sell, and manage their real estate.





Hundreds of organizations are working on either a single platform or many metaverse aspects. Here are a few notable names

Facts & Questions

How do I start my cryptocurrency project with Internet Soft?

Please prepare your business plan and get in touch with us. We can help you execute it in the right way.

Which is a better option? Creating a cryptocurrency from scratch or forking a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin?

We at Internet Soft suggest that building from scratch would help you more than forking, because forks will sometimes face issues like dependency on data speed . But creating it from scratch will also be re-created from some existing algorithm.

How will I know the status of my cryptocurrency project?

a. A PROJECT MANAGER will be assigned to your project.

b. You can track the progress directly with the Project manager on a Weekly basis.

c. A group will be created on Skype / Whatsapp to post updates.

d. We will complete Design phase, development phase in our local server

e. Once we complete them, we will ask you to purchase a Live server and we will deploy the files to you.

f. Once the entire project is completed, we will provide you complete access.

What is the payment policy to get a cryptocurrency developed from Internet Soft?

We can discuss payment policies during our direct interaction. A Proforma invoice will be provided from our end for phase payment. After the payment completion we will provide the invoice with full details.