Choose from Internet Soft’s flexi-hiring models according to your business requirement and budget. Get a dedicated team committed to delivering results.


Hire Dedicated Developers with Internet Soft 

Scale your delivery capacity with Internet Soft’s intelligent dedicated developers. Our clients succeed by leveraging Internet Soft’s process of building, motivating, and managing software development.  

Internet Soft’s hiring models 

Internet Soft Managed Team

We at Internet Soft take complete responsibility for your software development needs so that you can focus on strategic business activities and take it to the next level. Our Project managers and leads will take care of all your project needs.

Client Managed Team 

In this model, our team of expert developers at Internet Soft will work with your in-house team or project managers. Our team will act as an extended team providing complete offshore development support.

Hybrid Model 

Internet Soft’s Hybrid model provides flexibility of deploying part of your team onsite and the other part of team works from an offshore location.

Hire dedicated developers: How it works

Hire a team of developers for your project with Internet Soft in a simple and seamless manner to meet your business needs and stay informed about the progress.

The cost of hiring a dedicated team with Internet Soft is transparent, as you don’t have to worry about unpredictable expenses on selecting, vetting and assembling IT specialists in a team – we do that for you. 

The team’s setup takes little time as our IT experts at Internet Soft already have a mutual understanding from successfully working together on similar engagements and can focus on quickly integrating into your development process, however specific it is.

We at Internet Soft are flexible to adapt to your existing communication model and help to tune all the needed tools and environment for your team to collaborate with our team without additional efforts. 

We at Internet Soft share our company’s best practices and pass on all the project artifacts and knowledge accumulated in the project to your in-house team.

Facts & Questions

What Is The Dedicated Team Model?

The dedicated team model (DTM) is a globally recognized approach to outsourcing. Companies use this model to successfully execute their business activities through a third party team that functions fully under the company’s control. Scale your delivery capacity with Internet Soft’s intelligent dedicated developers now!

Who Needs A Dedicated Team?

We at Internet Soft suggest that any company, whether a startups or an established brand, may need a dedicated team to fulfil specific business needs not within the skill-sets of the in-house team. It is a model that addresses in-house capacity gaps.

This is an efficient solution model for complex business needs as a readymade team of professionals becomes quickly accessible.

How Does The Dedicated Team Model Work?

At Internet Soft, we’ve perfected the art of delivering value-adding services via dedicated teams. 

We at Internet Soft spend time understanding your business goals, as also your project objectives. We assign the best-fit team for your requirements to give you a seamless business experience in partnering with us.

The team we assign has the specific skill-sets necessary to achieve your project objectives and fulfil your business goals. Our project manager at Internet Soft remains in constant touch with you to update you regularly about how the project is progressing.